Embarrassed was Layla's primary emotion for the rest of the day. Her cheeks kept flaming red every time she thought of the incident that morning at breakfast, and she'd have to bend right over her books to hide her betroot face.

Nancy was no help. She just slid her sly glances and winks at unessacary moments in Muggle Studies, so Layla resorted to ignoring her.

At lunch, Layla retreated to the library. In the midst of books and a warm silence, she felt safe. She found a book, opened it and began walking to her favourite seat.

Her favourite seat was a squishy two seater, right by the window far away from the rest of the library. The cold emiating from the glass kept most away, but Layla liked to conjure blue flames that would dance around a jam jar and keep her warm.

Nose in book, not looking up, Layla walked straight to it and sat down, curling her legs under her and tucking her hair behind her ears.

Instantly, she froze. Another person browsing the books, not two feet in front of her position. This was weird, because her seat was situated in the History of Magic section, a corner usually empty from students.

Layla sucked in a breath through her teeth. Hands clenched aound the book in her lap. Had Nancy set her up?

Before she could think, the book browser turned round and smiled crookedly. "I was hoping to find you here," he said.

Layla blinked.

Malfoy sighed, and sat down next to her. The sofa wasn't big, and Layla felt unessaceraly close to him as she bit her lip and looked out of the window.

"What's wrong?" He said, so softly she could hardly hear him.

"Nothing. I just-" Layla trailed off, and let her eyes settle on his face. Again, there was that feeling that no one else existed except for the boy siting in front of her.

She didn't want to look away, so only felt his fingers prise the book out of her grip. His eyes skittered down for a moment, then up again, now amused. "A Muggle book?" He said.

Layla blushed. "Yeah. Some of them are really good. Interesting, you know?"

The question hung in the air, unanswered. Draco put the book back onto her lap, but he didn't draw his hands away. Instead, he took her hands in his and interlaced their fingers.

The End

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