Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and slowly but surley, winter sprang itself upon Hogwarts like a huge, jolly, snow covered delight.

It was November, and the day of the first Quidditch match of the season. It was bitterly cold, and Layla was glad she had her green and silver Slytherin scarf to keep her warm.

The crowd was happy and cheering, and Layla felt wide awake and fresh. Her first couple of months at Hogwarts had been uneventful, apart from that buisness with the troll at Halloween. The Slytherins and pretty much everyone else ignored her, and she didn't try to be noticed either.

If, on the off chance a teacher ever chose her to speak in class, she would be very shy, and some people would mutter as if they didn't know who she was.

Layla spent her evenings and free time in the library, and when it shut she would retire to bed with a fresh stack of books. Reading was her favourite passtime, and even at breakfast she would have a book propped open against the cereal.

She had left her latest book on her bed now though, as the match was about to begin.

The two teams, one clad in red and gold and the other in the Slytherin green and silver, marched out onto the pitch, and Layla spotted Harry Potter looking very small at the end of the line.

She had heard the story of Harry Potter hundreds of times before, but she'd never spoken to him. He was always with his tall ginger friend, and recently the bushy haired girl called Hermione.

Layla watched him as he mounted his broom and pushed of into the air at the sound of the whistle. He flew very well, and obviously had one of the best brooms out of everyone playing.

'Look at Potter, swanning around on that Nimbus,' Layla heard a scornfull voice say behind her. 'What a show off.'

It was Malfoy, sneering as he watched the game through a pair of expensive binoculars. Layla huffed and crossed her arms, and Malfoy heard her.

'What?' He said. 'Don't agree with me?'

Layla whirled around, and shot him an angry glare.

'Oh it's you. Goldilocks, isn't it?' Malfoy laughed, and his cronies around him sniggered on cue.

'Shut up.'

Malfoy stared at her. 'What did you say to me?'

Layla drew in a deep breath. Malfoy was the only person who she really disliked, and the only person who had been cruel to her. 'You heard me. Shut up.'

'Ooo-ooh,' Malfoy whistled. 'It speaks!' The other Slytherins laughed with him. 'Sticking up for Potty, are you?'

'Maybe, but I just think your attidute stinks, and you're just plain nasty, you little slimeball.' Layla said loudly, attracting the attention of more people around them. They were close to the border between the Slytherin supporters and the Gryffindors.

'You tell 'im!' Yelled a Gryffindor from the croud. The match forgotton, everyone foccused on Malfoy, who had turned bright red.

'I...I.' He blustered.

Layla laughed, and some Gryffindors joined in. 'Malfoy got told!' Another person shouted gleefully.

Some of the Slytherins were smirking too, seeing Layla for the first time, who had just realised the enourmity of what she'd just done. 'I'm not sorry,' she said sincerley to him, smothering a giggle. 'It's true. You need to get a life, Draco Malfoy.'

The Gryffindors nearby whooped and cheered, clapping and laughing. Some of them didn't understand why a Slytherin would stand up to a housemate, but generally thought that the shy golden haired girl was pretty amazing.

The rest of the game past in a happy kind of daze for Layla, who was only half concentrating when Harry Potters broomstick started bucking around and trying to throw him off.

When the game ended in confusion with Harry nearly swallowing the Snitch, Layla bounded happily back to the castle. Lots of the Slytherins were muttering about how it was unfair, that Potter had just choked on it, not caught the stupid Snitch.

Layla couldn't care less, and in the Slytherin common room, instead of bounding off to her room, she sat down in an armchair and opened a book.

Lots of people gave her funny looks, some friendly and some accusing and wary. When Malfoy entered he gave her one look, and rolled his eyes.

Laula frowned at him and continued reading, until he sat down in the armchair next to her.

'What are you doing?' She said, no longer afraid of speaking out.


'Why are you sitting there?' She demanded.

'Free world, isn't it? I can sit where I like.'

At least he didn't call me Goldilocks, Layla thought fiercly, turning a page sharply and not looking Malfoy in the face.

She sat in peace and quiet for a few minutes, until Malfoy leant over and she was forced to turn and look at him again.

'What?' She said, irritated by him.

'Look, I'm sorry I called you Goldilocks,' he said. 'Seriously. You're hairs not that bad.'

'A compliment?' Layla said, stunned. Malfoy raised his eyebrows and shrugged. Layla stuck out her tounge and continued to ignore him.

When, yet again, he leant over, she snapped the book shut with a bang and turned to face him. 'Hey, can you just leave me alone for a bit?'

'Sorry, sorry. I just wanted to say...can it be a truce? I don't appreciate being humiliated in public.'

Selfish idiot, Layla thought, but she didn't say it. 'Okay, okay, whatever. Now can you leave me alone?'

But he wouldn't stop there. He stuck out his hand for her to shake. 'Friends?'

She sighed at the word, knowing they were anything but, and shook his hand. Therre was no way in eternity they would ever agree on anything. 'Friends.'

The End

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