Unintentionally PurposefulMature

"Sorry Linda, I'm late. The bus took forever." Kristen looked up from her bag with her student pass in hand, confused. She brushed her loose brown strands from her eyes, "Oh sorry. I forgot Linda left. Hi, um, I need to register late and my timetable. Sorry." 

"Student pass?" Kristen handed it to, what was her name again? Jenna... Joanna...? Jeez, can't remember. Jessica handed her printed out timetable to Kristen without a word 

"Right, thanks." Kristen walked away from the hostile new secretary and rushed to English room 404, she could feel her hair coming loose and sticking to her face with the sweat. 

Kristen carefully opened the door hoping Mr. Scott would forgive her, "Sorry I'm late." She walked in and took a seat on the third row. Mr. Scott just looked at her and waited for her to sit down and sort her books. 

"Not such a great start to your senior year, don't you think? Have you registered in late?" Mr. Scott asked abruptly. He didn't look angry, rather expressionless really. Kristen had never seen his face properly, he had started at the school at the beginning of the second semester last year and all she really knew about him was that he was 29 years old. 

"Sorry. I registered just now." Kristen was taken aback a little not sure of how he felt. The teacher walked towards her with a book in hand and plopped it onto her desk. 'The Essays of E.B. White.' As Mr. Scott walked back, his ass is nice. Of course deep down she thought Dominic's was nicer. 



The End

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