Convincing HimMature

 "Cut the shit tuts, I know your secret." 

I gasped and laughed awkwardly "What are you talking about honey? You know I always tell you the truth." Brandon turned toward me and smirked "You put up that whole innocent act in the doctors office, when I know my girl is a super freak." he leaned over and kissed my from my neck to my ear. I shivered and quietly groaned, when I did I heard Brandon chuckle, "Such a bad girl, you are." The cab drivers eyes widened in horror and he said "No sex inside my cab!, we don't do that here." Thank the lord for making me darkskin so no one could see me blush, Brandon then leaned over to my ear "I know you're blushing love." I gasped. Brandon chuckled and stepped out the of cab, as for he already stopped in front of my building. My job doesn't pay me enough to afford a good home, so living inside of an apartment building is the best I can do. I paid the cab driver and stepped into the lobby, Brandon was already on the elevator, "What floor?" "15" I replied. he pressed the button and the elevator began to move. 
   I scurried to find my key as we approached the door. I unlocked it and stepped inside.Out of nowhere Brandon Threw me over his shoulder. I screamed and told him toto put me down, but he just slapped my ass and told me to be quiet. He then threw me on the bed. Then I realized

This isn't how I want to lose my virginity! 

The End

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