Stalking HimMature

Sage is a young African-American woman who is deeply in love with a man who doesn't even know she exists! But when he gets hit by a car and gets amnesia will everything be the same? Or will he just become Unfortunately Her's

 He was simply stunning, the way his hair blew in the wind and the way his glasses framed his delecate yet muscular face, his confidence was simply mouthwatering as he walked as if he were the king of the universe.I watched him. I watched as he crossed the street walking to the cake shop he always goes to at 10:30 AM on Tuesday morning. The signal for him to walk lit and she strutted across the street. I suddenly heard a "Skrrr", I snapped my neck to the end of the block setting my binoculars down for a second, a red pickup truck swerved down the block, speeding up toward my future baby daddy. I screamed for him to move but he couldn't hear me because he had his earphones in. "BANG!" the car hit him, the driver yelled a simple "sorry" out the window as she continued to drive. I ran into the middle of the street and screamed for help "HELP US, PLEASE HELP!" a man sped up to us in his car and helped me carry my loves unconcious body into his car.

"The family of Brandon Johnson" the doctor boomed. I stood up erectly "Right here!" I squealed, Doctor loud voice led me into a room, Brandon was fully awake. I gasped and tried to hide my face as for I had not worn make up that day. The doctor looked at me and smiled,"You're lucky, your husband might not have survived! You should be pretty lucky that it is just amneisa. The symptoms will go away in one or two days...or a few months...or years."  I gasped. "Ms.Johnson, your husband is ready to go home." I smiled and mumbled an "Okay." Brandon got up like nothing happened at all "Babe! I missed you!" I shuffled back toward the door surprised. He came closer "And I missed this sweet dark brown skin." he kissed my neck, I almost groaned. I looked toward the mirror. The difference in our skin tones are almost lewd, his pale complexion and my dark one, this relationship would be so taboo...and illegal, but it was worth it. Brandon grabbed my hand and led me toward the cab that was just sitting there, I guess the doctor called knowing that I needed a way home. Brandon opened the door for me. Once I got in I said my address to the cab driver. I was content as the car started moving. Brandon leaned over to me and whispered in my ear "Cut the shit tuts, I know your secret." I suddenly realized...this wasn't going to be a good ride. 

The End

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