Life goes on...

Life goes on no matter how much trouble gets in your way. I must say I suffered a lot during my first twenty years as soon after my father's death my mother drove herself crazy and took heroin, she died after an extreme overdose. I as too taken into care but never saw my sister.

To make myself have some form in life I became a straight A student and then moved onto university with all the money my parents had left behind for me. After getting a doctrine in English I got a job in London as a journalist for a local newspaper. The Sun then heard of me and recruited me to their editorial team. It was good money and I kept with the job for 40 years until I retired at the ripe age of 60.

It seemed fate had smiled upon me because after that life was swell. I retired to the countryside where I lived a free life helping out one of my blood-related cousins on her farm. Everyday I got up at 6.00 to get the eggs and take the cows to the dairy. I died while I was sleeping in the corner of my room.

After all, life goes on...

The End

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