Terminal Christmas

Christmas was ever the same.

I knew Dad had been getting weaker over the past 6 months but up until his death I never knew he could be ill. I was on my laptop in my room when my mum walked in and told me to come into the living room with her. (By that time my room had been totally redone). She asked me to sit down so I did. I was a little confused but knew better than to question my mother. I remember this conversation clearly-

"Hi hon, how are you?"

"Fine mum, what's up?"

"Well something bad has happened..."

"Has that cat got into the kitchen again and eaten the fish I left out. I knew I shouldn't have left it on the draining board but you did tell me didn't you?"

She listened patiently then smiled and gently shook her head.

"Then what mum? What?"

A tear rolled down her cheek and landed on her lap. The patch spread as more drops joined it until it had grown about as big as a 2p coin then no mater how many tears joined it it would just soak through.

"Hon, you won't be able to see your dad any more or your sister..."


Now I was really confused nd shaking. Mum came over and wrapped her arm around my shoulder.

"Your sister got taken into care because I couldn't take her in..."

And with that she broke down sobbing on my shoulder. My shoulder was totally soggy by the time she looked up and stared at me in the face. Her eyes all watery from crying.

"Your dad died of terminal cancer sweety..."

Heavy breathing.

"He got it in the liver about 8 months ago and the silly sod never told his family..."

That was when we both collapsed into each others arms sobbing as hard as we could.

The End

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