The Gang

I learnt the girl's name was Cherry Pole. She joined at the beginning of year 8 but it was sill rather harsh and I supposedly was the person who took the limelight of bullying off her. I was surprised abut this because she was actually quite good-looking apart from her glasses. Blonde shiny hair with a gentle curl cascaded over her shoulders and her eyes were so deep and blue you could go fishing in them. Her personalty might have been a bit harsh to me at first but she told me later on that she was only like that because when she met people she put on a tough face otherwise you get picked on for being weak.

Louis Redding was a total geek but he turned out to be Cherry's boyfriend so I didn't say anything to offend my new friend. He had brown wiry hair that I think he tried to gel up but it went totally wrong. All the features on his face seemed to be wonky, his nose was crooked and his mouth twisted.

Becky Lawrence was a piece of work though. She totally ignored me at first and even laughed at my uniform because I wore it according to regulations. I wasn't one to break rules and I told her this the day after she made fun of me and it shut her right up. From then on I think she did respect me. What was amazing about her though were her eyes, she had golden eyes that shone brighter than he sun, especially when she was thinking of one of her 'evil plans'.

So that was the gang, the gang of outcasts and that was how we were going to be at school. We may be low-down in popularity and be made fun of but we all liked one another and defended each other as one united (if not wonky) front.

The End

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