God, how foolish I was to believe that the school was any good. When i went to have a tour it looked alright except for the extraordinary amount of rubbish strewn cross the playground and buildings. It looked fairly normal, but no. Of course it couldn't be normal. Now that the children in my form had humiliated me they had spread the word to what seemed the whole of the school. Everywhere I went I was followed by glares and sniggering. It tormented me and I knew from that moment I would be known as a nerd.

On the map which I had collected from the receptionist I found my way to the library where I thought no one would go but it seemed the hot spot for wannabe populars all ripping up books and tossing pens at one another. Behind about 5 bookcases there was a table which none of the other children bothered to go looking for so I set up the table as my new base. I worked throughout break and lunch on anything I could find. I would not eat and I would not interact with anyone and that's how it went on for a couple of weeks. Me on my own, on my own little table, in my own little world. But of course that always changes.

A group of boys decided to play manhunt in the library one day and they found me on my own at my table. I was so indulged in 'Martin Chuzzlewit' by Charles Dickens that I did not notice one of them come up to me. He must have been staring at me for 5 minutes until I finished one of my chapters and looked up to find my water bottle. His eyes shone a devilish brown and he had a toothy grin that spelled trouble.

"Your that new girl aint' ya?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. Um, I was just reading would you mind leaving me alone please?" I asked, once again the shy but stubborn lonely girl.

"How 'bout no! Let me get some of my friends and I'll be back!" and with that he ran off.

I was not going to wait around for him so I gathered up all my stuff and headed for the door. On the way I had a collision with a girl who seemed to be in my year.

"Watch it!" she yelled as all my books tumbled to the ground in a papery heap.

"Sorry..." I mumbled.

"You best be." she said but not so harshly this time ,"You're the new girl aren't you?"

"I've been here a few weeks actually..."

"Yeah, whatever. Why don't you hang out with me, I know how it feels."

I looked up into her now calm face. Surprise must have overcome me because I couldn't answer. Her hand snaked around my wrist and she yanked me off the floor where I was gathering my books.

"Come on, come meet my gang...."

The End

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