My first day of school was awful, it was the beginning of the 2nd term in year 8 and everybody already had friends. When I first walked in though those gates there was a flood of people pushing past me and somebody even tried to trip me. I flt like a nobody, everybody seemed to ignore my presence completely. I had got a text from my dad though earlier in the morning-

Hi Hun- gd luck n 1 day bck at schll xxx

That was it and I was disappointed that mum had already gone to work that morning to drop me off or even wish me luck.

A group of girls stared at me as I walked past and one had the nerve to ask me if I was lost.

"No I am not lost thank you." I said as politely as I could through gritted teeth.

"Just asking love, don't get your extra-big knickers in a twist." she smirked and flicked her lush blonde hair off her shoulder.

Grimacing I walked on towards the main block where I was due to be registered. I had decided to meet my form tutor early though because he wasn't there when the receptionist gave us the tour before the term holidays. There was a set of stairs off to the left which the receptionist had pointed out. They led to the English corridor which I trudged down slowly. A couple of students were already wafting about their form doors when I got to mine. Slowly, I opened the door and peered in. Mr Drape was his name and he lived up to it. His shoulders were slumped over his desk and his medium-length hair hung round his face.

"Mr Drape?" I asked as I stepped into the room.

"Yes, and who are you might I ask?" his voice was rough and sounded like he needed a cough sweet.

He still didn't look up though so I walked a bit closer towards his desk and said "I am meant to be joining your form this year and I wanted to see you before class starts."

Finally, he decided to look up from his paperwork. Rounded, thick-framed glasses hung on his beaky nose and his eye-lids sagged. His smile was wonky and some of his teeth seemed to be missing or lodged further up his mouth but I dared not look/

"Oh, you must be Lilly Smith. A pleasure to meet you, normally the students here don't bother to even come to form half the time but it will be a pleasure to have you in my form. If you want I can give you your locker key now and assign you a seat with your timetable?" he spoke fast.

"Yes please, if that's okay." I answered looking around at the pale yellow walls and greying white carpet.

He gave me my timetable and key to my lock then showed me my seat just as the bell rang.

Students flooded into the corridor and about 30 students ran into the room. You could immediately pick out which groups they belonged to. The nerds all carried a book under their arms and some wore sweaters aswell. There were 2 goths wearing big black boots and chains round their necks. And it goes on... Everyone stared at me as they took their seats and Mr Drape stood up.

"Class, just in case you have not noticed, we have a new student. Lilly Smith has recently moved and has been put into our lovely form so I hope all of you give her a nice welcome."

Sir gestured for me to come to the front of the class and jut as I was walking down the aisle somebody tripped me up.

The End

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