The Move

Mum finally decided to move out and I got stuck in this town of morons. Everywhere I went there seemed to be someone doing something stupid. I actually saw some guy tie his bike to the side of a parked lorry. Sometimes I wonder why my mum and dad even bothered to have children because all they seem to do was argue about us.

My new room was big but that's all that I can say which is positive about it. The wallpaper definitely needs to be ripped down because it looked like someone puked up paint onto the once ordinary wall. Also the carpet needed to be pulled up and a new one laid because all over the floor there are disgusting looking stains. For then I was sleeping in the living room because I already announced to my mum that I refused to sleep in such a filthy looking room. She was too tired even to disagree at the time so she couldn't go back on it.

I was visiting my new school the next day and I couldn't wait to see what it looked like. I'd heard that it is actually quite a nice school as I was chatting to my neighbours that day  (old folk) and they said their granddaughter had gone there and at that time it was the most respectable schools in the area. I must say I was pretty impressed with that so I looked it up on the interent. It has a few pictures of students working and the uniform doesn't look that bad. Black and green which surprisingly enough are my favourite colours. It also had writing about the events and after school clubs and the whole page seemed to be filled so at least if I want to escape my mum I had a whole variety of activities to go to.


Mum had dropped something in the kitchen again so I went and helped her pick it up. It was going to be another long day.

The End

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