Unfortunate Life

Lilly's tragic start to life starts with her parents' divorce and just when she thinks nothing can get worse it does. In fact she is pretty much in a downward spiral in life except when a new boy comes into her school and then things pick up.

"No! I already told you you are moving out, not me!"

It had started again, my mother and father were always fighting over everything and now they had finally decided to do it. They were getting a divorce and my little sister and I were also being split. I was to go with my mum and Harriet to go with my dad. It was awful; every night there seemed to be some sort of argument which ended in something being broken. Harriet and I had moved all the expensive stuff into our room so at least that could be saved from my parents' rocky marriage.

"Why should I move out, Lilly has just got into her second year at high school and moving will be too difficult for her, you get out. At least Harriet will be able to make new friends when she moves into high school next year so it won't be so tragic!" screamed my mother.

Tragic. That's what my life has been since my parents started fighting. Day and night they would tel us to go to our room and play computer games and stuff but we could still hear them through the thick wooden door. After an hour or so when dad has got really angry he grabs his keys and storms out the door and drives off. Nobody knows where though.

The End

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