love has its own time,seasons and reasons for coming and go...


She was drowning in her thoughts even she was not notice when he sitting opposite  her?  ..or which station he boarded a train? So she does not give him any attention except when he asked her permission to have a cigarette, then she looked at him through her sunglasses; which hide a large part of her face as she refuses to allow anyone know her impression through her eyes…mysterious is her propose and her island to escape from the others .

He smile to her asked:”may I have my cigarette , if you don’t mind.? “

But she mention that not allow in that part of train and attention to the sign which hanging on the wall of the train. so he accept it

Meanwhile that she has a glance to him; he seemed in the end of thirty ages, tall average and he  wears a white striped shirt line high, classic style, with jeans pant and  puts a pen in his shirt pocket, next to him there are a few newspapers and above the pod glasses worn on the face and dignified, which has been compounded by his toxic, his hair dark brown and smooth. She cannot be sure  about the color of his eyes if are they brown or light brown?

In generally he not look like a sort of persons who disturbing the others ,then he sit and putting his feet above the other and busy himself by reading his newspaper that gave him a chance to has a full look at her, even   his inner- mind give him feel that she do the same.

She felt his sights with a sense of feminine then  smiled within herself  when she knows that they both are doing the same action at the same time.

After he complete his mission , he puts the newspaper beside and relax into his seat and then asking her if not bother her to  closed window a bit to harass the sun to him, she agree  this time

She back again to her thoughts which cutting a while ,every time the train passes through on the rails like going into a phase of her life and reviewed as a film passes in front of her so   with every sweet moment she closed her eyes to bring it back and living it again and with every painful moment  she open her eyes to escape from it to the picturesque nature passed by the train, which seems hang beautiful animated trees and branches green colors flying with the wind the breeze and cross the road and appearance and disappearance as if playing hide and seek with each other , it is truly a feast for the panel could not give it this beauty .

After a period of silence interrupted by the voice of inspector who appeared in this moment to check the train's tickets

While that she turned away from the window and opened her purse to bring the ticket but cannot   find it and research careful again but without any result, and then she felt so embarrassed.

 Meanwhile that the inspector finished check the ticket of her partner and turned to her  then she was begin to apologize for losing her ticket but  he is  pay her attention by warning her of it existence of ticket under her seat and then she picked it  and gave it to inspector for checking .

After finished check it he wishes them a pleasant journey together, and then she thanks him for rescu her from that embarrass  situation and  the talking start between them , known to each other.

She knew that he is working a reporter covering the news stations political events and share talk in many subjects.She was impressive him by her wild knowledge of many current events especially the political , he always think most of women only interest in fashion news or beauty news.

 Talk drift them  also about the nature of beauty and reflection on humanity and how our neglect to preserve it as a savior to us from the damage of pollution surrounding us from all directions and, step by step they runs into some chatter exchanged jokes, meanwhile she did not observe his attraction and admiration for her laughter which filled his chest like a breath of fresh air, and then a silence moment passed that give him a chance to have a  look at her from the men's sight.

She was a woman about  thirties, sexy body, average tall, quiet features although she is wearing a simple a brown suit line of gold-colored silk blouse and scarf  collected in colors between the colors, taking her handbag medium-sized next to her, and wearing shoes as well as the average increase and sunglasses cover most of her face and hide completely the same .He wish for  takeoff her glasses to can see her eyes and read them so complete the picture in front of him, he break a long silence between them by said:“would like to read newspaper ?”

“ okay , thanks” she replied

While she take it from his hand he saw her wedding ring in himself he want to deny it and wish if she is free to give himself the right to enter to her world or at least  attracted her to his world..one of newspaper  fell down  then she tends to brought its and then signed his eyes on the part of her body appeared  through her scarf he could not prevent himself from looking at thus she get back to relax in her seat  

He won’t cut her reading the newspaper and take a nap  drowned in his dreams of waking and reflections to the window swimmers in his ideas and fantasies eyesight , Just a few minutes he returned to her again where  his eyes not allow him to away from her even for a few seconds.But this time was different. It seems his wish came true, she takes off her eyeglasses and put beside he staring  deeply in her eyes her. he discover  their color it’s  light brown so when reflection of sun  light falling on them .She felt his eyes stirring at her so when she turn their eyes meeting together melted together in a special kind of newly conversation .

They do not  know how long this moment continue  between them, she try to ran away from his eyes to the newspaper, but he not  turned his sight away her face  like someone who paints panel enjoying all part where even reached to her full lips which populated vitality and femininity have lured him to the brightness and he wish to taste them juice..She felt the flames of his sights on her face  so she pressured  her lips that has been compounded by stirring

It was only a few moments she back the newspaper  and thanked him he  taking them  and put next to him, and  then she turned her face again to the window with sitting relaxely  on seat  then he realized that she will sleep for a nap so he won’t disturb her rest,   he closed his eyes and trying to sleep too . when she tired from thinking so turned  her face toward him, and has no desire to sleep so she take the chance to has a whole sight at him while he was a sleep , but what will happened if he woke up suddenly at this moment ?   Does she turn away in the window? Or she avoids his eyes by closed her eyes such as an ostrich to escape the embarrassment of that the moment..? Thus  she pays her  attention to dark eyeglasses that can play the role of concealment due to the severity of Drake.

So the idea interest her, and began to starring at him but this time different she scan every part  in his  face starts with his closed eyes and wished if she could look deeply within them to known well his owner and what's his inner can told her... Eyes mirror holder...And then down to his thin lips drown accurately with some lines around them and  the effects of sunspots on the cheeks, he did not wear any rings in his hands. Perhaps he is not the kind of persons who like to wearing it, even her is not putting a wedding ring just do it when she leaves her home only..

Suddenly, she stopped looking at him and thinks between herself what if he did the same? But this idea is fast avoided due to her radar within her that inform her whom watch or starring at her and she was certain about this ability on several occasions so that give her more confidence about her mission to discover him while his sleep.

During that he opened his eyes suddenly that did not give her a time to run from his sight , she tried  to regained her focus and ran to the window again but he cut her escape by ask her about the time,  she assured him that he did not fall asleep only a few minutes. And then he transfer to talk about another subject to pass the times and look at her a long time ,meanwhile, she is removing her eyeglasses to wipe her face with a tissue-specific then  their eyes meet again but this time different at least for him he lost in her eyes as he swim in honey sea even he did not know swimming he was rescued by the warmth of her looks attracted to in a calm and willing to look and exciting.

He has not been matched in his life before, although he know  many women, but he did not want to looks at  in their  eyes where he knows well their lies , he  did not get used to repeat the word " love " to any of them  and he did not feeling a security with them maybe he does not trust in their honesty just has a nice times with them . .in his heart hatred of women in the exploitation of him as a man to achieve happiness

So he did not looking for love or believe in the existence of love even he did not believe its presence. When that strange feeling appeared now, he could not recognize it that leave him as slave followed his master in the unknown direction he did not know where it leads. That feel confused him even he cannot focus on what she was saying he was  absent with his thoughts in another place.,somehow she feels embarrassed then asked him:

"Are you okay?"she asked

Then he takes the end of her talking and response to her:

"yes, I am fine ".he reply. And then surprised her by asking,:

"Why you hide the beauty of your eyes behind these glasses?"He said.

The question surprised her and him too but he did not regret to remarked , she was felt embarrass  mixed with admiration .and was not expect it .So she tries to run away to escape from his eyes which target on her  but how could she escape from his feeling. Intensity of turbulence, she pressed her lower lips with exciting movement were increased to rise and causing a fire within  his body rise to his  lips, increase his  desire to taste them to satisfy his thirsty.

She tried to escape from his eyes wild and passionate emotions. And she has no choice to avoid his eyes which  surrender her , he owned her with all the feelings, she owned him by all the emotions and the desire. And then he left his seat and go toward her and sat beside her without any interruption in the eyes and close more and more even the distance between become gradually fade, she felt his hot breath on her face then he touch her lips with his  and they malt together in endless  kiss in a longing ,desire  moment from the hotness sensations.

Suddenly cut his attention by a little girl in five years old standing in front of him smiling innocence as she is waiting for him to back smiled to her smile, then he turned to her and  found she was deeply  sleep and full rest on her chair.

He took few moments to  realized that  what had happened  just  only from his  imagination  or a dream. A lot of thoughts mixed in his mind and then he started analyzes  what happened, and why this sense of stricken towards to that woman..? Is he passing with a middle age crisis.? Many questions passed in his mind .

He turned to the girl sitting next to him and forward him all innocence smile on her face as if he lost in the moment, even cutting the dialogue between the two silent the voice of her mother, calling her by the researcher so she responded to the call of her mother and put a smile and a kiss goodbye in the air...He turned again to her and hope what happened in last moment is real no illusion ,but  returned and smiled.

He convince that time might passed until he has a wishful think that he imagine another reality that has not lived, a fantasy world in which he puts all the wishes and live like the dreams of vigilance and try to find all his  drams in reality, and why not, everything is possible at this time.

He have felt happy in a minute even did not get it in reality,  since he was twenty years old and fall in  love and thought he meet  with love of his life but  after passing through many  experiences he failure to  meet a woman whom can take his heart with her and  moved such feelings with her until  happened a few moments with these women. What games the fate play with him? He couldn’t do any thing except to accept the loss and be content with received from the gain of the moment will never be forgotten throughout his life the next...

While he is engrossed in his thoughts  attention to the slow speed of the train entering the station and then she looked in her watch and ready to bring the travel bag placed on the shelf, he help her  while that their hands toughing then, she felt  a little   shake in her body  which  confused  her then  their eyes meet again together in a long sight with different expression . As they were said  to each other what you feel I was felt too, he has a desire to close her to his chest and kiss her to express all his passion that born within him to her  .. as she read every silence words in his mind and felt his strong passion in his eyes sight so she the she threw herself into her seat  after thankful him for help her .Just a few  minutes  the train stopped and then every  passenger  started to get ready for departure.

The corridor was so crowded with passengers so that  he advises her to wait until the rest hustle. she agreed and thanked him for the short time they spend together. It just only a few minutes then everyone will go to his way, crowd calmed down and then she  extended her hands towards him to shook  hands goodbye  him  and he touch her hands with a little and looking at her with all passions  as if  won’t to end this real  moment and wanted  to feel all the emotions from the perspective of his eyes and touch his hands..She pull her hand quickly and smiled all the shame and tenderness to him. And then carried her bag and get down to platform station , he follow her and saw her search for someone she expect his waiting her and then waved her hand to him .

While he focuses on her to not lost her among the crowds  and she turn to him wishes reach safety to his place. She turned behind to sound of a young man in his thirties of age, tall and his hands on her shoulders closely remarkable, and then he realized that the moment has finally arrived. So he ready to going in his way saying goodbye and left them together, drag his feet and went away...

just a seconds then he stopped and turned behind him to  have a look at her perhaps the last looking at them from the crowd,and then  he saw her waved her hand  to him as she felt him and want to say goodbye by his own way..He waved hand back  to her followed by a sweet smile on face, and he turned  back to his way.

This moment  he was happy because he finally print the last smile from her face and added to his  image which engraved in his memory and his heart and print the full picture within him .and will keep it there in his mind and heart....


The End

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