Chapter 2

I got woken up by a frustrated sound from the guy at the end of my row.

"Tahts it.This is boring. You," The guy said, pointing at the other guy, "Whats your name?"

The dirty blonde haired guylooked up, saw a finger pointing at him and, looking back to the book, he replied,


"Whats you power?" The other mail asked him, when Lazarus did not reply, the mini guy darted forward and snatched the book right out of Lazarus' and the gingers hands.

"Oy! Thats mine!" The girl screamed as she bolted forward to grab the book back. The mini guy hid it behind his back.

"Ah, ah, ah!" He tease, "not until you tell me who you are."

"I can stop time and see the past of any object I touch." Lazarus told him.

"I am Alexis and I can teleport and I have telepathy." The ginger told him.

I blunnk and gasped as, all of a sudden LAzarus had the mini guy in a headlock.

"How...?" I ask him, stunned.

"I can stop time,2 He explains to me, "Now give Alexis her book back." Lazarus then tells mini guy.

"Allright!" The mini guy complains, flinging the book towards Alexis.

"Can you guys shut up? I am trying to sleep." Snaps the red head who had taken the seat opposite me.

"Who are you?" I ask the mini guy who had sat down again, glaring at Lazarus who, inturn. continued to read.

"I am Micheal Lewis and I can readminds and turn invisible." He told us, a slight smirk on his face.

"What about you?" I ask the girl oppositewho's tired eyes are staring unseeingly out the window. I have to nudge her to get her attention.

"Alice. I can make ice and shoot lasers out my eyes." She said heavily.

"Sweet!" Squels Micheal, admiration glinting in his brown eyes.

"You?" Alexis asks me, havong given the book to Lazzarus.

"Maria. I can control people and the weather." I tell them. We sit in silence for a while, the I thinkof something that has been bothering me for quite some time.

"Why are the first years fifteen or fourteen? Does anyone know?" I ask.

"When we turn sixteen,  our powers are at their strongest. As with the whole year before, they get stronger. The best time to train us how to use them." Lazarus resolved for me.

"Cool! Maybe I will be able to move stuff that are heavier than a feather!" Alexis chimed in, exitedly.

The End

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