Chapte 1

As I wander through the buusy train station, an unfamiliar stinging enters my eyes as I see happy families hugging and saying goodbye.

No, I will not cry I tell my self as my bluey green eyes begin watering. I blink rapidly to rid myself of the feeling and continue my way to my train.

My carriage already has three teens in it. All fifteen, all in first year like me.

At the window of one side is a tall  dirty blonde haired guy with glasses.He is sharing a book with the ginger haired girl next to him. At the corner opposite is a short dark haired guy who is staring out the window at the hundreds of families. I take the seat on the short guys bench right next to the door. I close my eyesand start some breathing exersises to calm me down.

Just as the exersises are beggining to work their magic, a loud bang makes me jerk up to see a short red head girl trying to force a very large black case into the carriage.

"You do know they are storing our luggage at the back of the train, don't you?" I ask her as she swears and curses the case.

"Yes. I do not trust them with my stuff and anyway, is it any of your business?" She snaps at me, cleary enraged. I roll me eyesand then shut them again, slowly allowing the noises around me to fade into a sweet nothingness.

The End

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