seven fifteen year olds were born into the world with not one, but two powers.
They come to school ready to learn and find out how uncommon they actualy are.
Then everything turns upside down for Maria once her sister goes missing. Will she ever get over the truth of what actualy happened or will she turn into another pawn for the devil?

Dear Diary,

At last, I have figured it out, how we are the only ones with two
powers. Each of us was still born. Each of our parents made a pact. They had
thought it was with god. But they had it wrong…oh so wrong! It was the devil.
Satan himself.  So he  gave our parents their wishes, but with a
catch witch was not explained until to late. We would each have an extra power and a destiny.  I thought I had completed mine. I killed my sister! Isn’t that enough? But I can feel my powers growing. What if destiny has not finished with me and I am to destroy the world as well? I have to be honest to you my friend, I am terrified! More so than I have ever been before and I do not know what to do. I don’t want to make a mistake that will cost the world…

                                                XxMaria xX

The End

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