A night to remember.....
......but what if you cant?

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                                                      Chapter 1-Adeline

The world is endless so many hearts beating, breaths taken, words said. I can feel it all, I can see it all, breath it all, hear it all, say it all. It's never ending, I can feel the whole world but I can't touch it I can't tell them I'm right next to them, but I'm not they can't see me, waving in from of their faces once more, trying hopelessly to get someone's attention, anyone's. 

I've been like this for what feels like an eternity, at first i ran around screaming waving my arms, like anyone would evitualy i gave up...this was after i triped over myself a few dozen times, what i was triping over of course i have no idea.I don't know how or why but I'm here in this place,this place shadowed in gray, this place with blured out faces, i keep walking the streets unseen. it's useless to run,or try to hide from the world, nobody can see me and nobody knows im hiding from them that im running from them, i dont even know who im running from,and if i dont know then theres really no point to care, no point in running.

Maybe I'm dead, perhaps a ghost, it could explain why I'm here, but I can't remember anything, not my name not who I am, where I am who I was with if I was ever even with anyone. Is that it? I don't have anyone, I'm not loved, is nobody looking for me?

Then suddenly this thought, above all others destroys me. Almost like I'v come to my senses. The knowing that I have nobody is so crushing I crumple to the ground, unable to move from this spot on the hard cement that I can't even feel if it's hot or cold. A shadow looms over me, it's probably just someone passing by, trying to get to their important job or school or home to their loved ones. And I'll never be able to do that-then the shadow moves. It reaches out to me, it can see me, and it puts a hand on my shoulder, and says-


And like that I know everything, I know who I am, like a movie it plays out before me. What I am, all the training, and I realize I'm not alone, I have a family then I remember the most important thing. I remember how I got here, and how to get out. That I need to get out.

Ripping out of my own mind, I free myself into the real world, finally free, that's all I know. I'm free, from what? I don't know, and I don't want to know. I just need to get home.

The End

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