Going Postal, part 1

"The satellite phone catheter" A lab technician presented proudly.

Frank just stared, unable to even comment. The technician took his open mouth as a sign to continue.

"Powered by your own urine, the device has the dual benefits of eliminating the need for bathroom breaks and also provides a satellite phone you can use anywhere without having to worry about charging it."

Frank shut his mouth and glared.

"I'm fired aren't I?"

"The fact that you even needed to ask just confirms it." Frank scowled, extending an arm towards the exit. "Get out."

Turning to James, he gave him a look. "Where do you get these people?"

James just shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "Well, we have some other exciting developments for you. We've just reached the second prototyping stage it. We call it 'The Tie'"

He clapped his hands and some technicians ran over with goggles.

"Put these on Frank."

"All this for a tie?"

"You'll see shortly."

Another technician brought out a tie, it was plain yet elegant, a dark pink silk number of exquisite quality but otherwise unremarkable.

"Put it on Frank."

Frank took the tie and put it on, as he adjusted the knot, he felt a click. One of the technician hadn't yet put on his glasses and as the tie clicked he suddenly began to stare, his mouth dropping open in awe.

"Mr. Winchester sir! That is one nice tie!" the technician said dreamily, his eyes glazed.

Frank wave his hand in front of the man, but he gazed blankly at the tie, seemingly entranced by it's stylishness.

Frank adjusted the knot again and the man stapped out of it, slumping to the floor, a dark stain spreading out from his groin.

"The tie emanates a field with triggers the fashion conscious centres of the brain as well as the areas responsible for feeling of awe. When activated, the victim is so captivated by it that they are essentially mesmerised. They focus so intently that when they stop, their body can barely handle the shock, as you can see."

"James, this is amazing! I have to have one of these!"

"Careful Frank, there are still some bugs to work out. You can't use it in front of a mirror, we're still trying to bring the last guy who tried out of a coma. Also, it only works on people who can see and have fashion-sense, a limitation we are trying to work around."

Nodding with admiration, Frank handed the tie back to an eager technician. James pager went off and he read it, smiled and guided Frank to his office.

"Looks like we found something for you Frank."

"Already, looks like you broke another record James. I've always said your team is the best."

James grinned and as they walked into the office, the large screen at the back burst into life, displaying the finding of the analysis.

"As you can see, we managed to cross reference the DNA in the blood sample with email fragment you gave us to come up with a match. Turns out the paper used in the crane was of a special make only used within certain areas of the postal service. With all that information we managed to narrow down the owner of the email address. A nasty chap that goes by the name of The Postman."

Frank raised an eyebrow and nodded for James to continue.

"The Postman runs what essentially amounts to a postal service for criminals, a sort of black-postal-service if you will. He's also a thug that takes his job very seriously. We managed to obtain some video footage of him from an abandoned FBI investigation."

The screen suddenly flickered and was replaced by a huge brute of a man standng over a trembling delivery boy.

"What's that boy? Couldn't deliver the goods because the cops where watching? Maybe you just forgot the STAMP!" the huge man yelled as he brought his foot down like a sledge hammer on the boys ankles again and again until the video cut out.

"Nasty piece of work. How do we find this guy?" Frank asked.

"Well, he's very good at what he does, very discreet. It's not him you need to worry about, it's findng his sorting office. That's where you'll get the info you need to find the Origamist. How we do that though, we haven't found out."

"You said he takes his job very seriously right?"

"Oh yes, deadly serious."

"In that case, I've got an idea. Get the archives to requisition item 22JQ10."

"Frank, surely you don't mean?"

"Yes. The letter that is the only proof the Origamist even exists, the letter that he sent me to try and make me bow to his will. The letter that if I'd obeyed, would have meant Nadine would still be alive today."

"Frank... you can't blame-" James said, pain in his eyes but Frank shrugged him off and ignored him.

"James. Just get me the letter and a tracking device. It's time to return to sender."

The End

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