Unfolded is a completely over-the-top action adventure starring Frank Winchester, the businessman billionaire and CEO of Winchester Industries. He had fame and fortune but he threw it all away to become a one man army out to avenge his wife's death. They say she died in a freak paper-folding accident but Frank knows differently. All he has is a name - The Origamist. Now he's going to find this person and make them pay. That's if his shareholders or The Origamist don't get to him first.

My name's Frank Winchester and I'm a billionaire. I built my empire up from nothing. I'm a businessman and my life was perfect. I had the fast cars, the beautiful women, the champagne, the fame. I wanted for nothing.

Except adventure.

Ever since my wife was killed in a freak paper-folding accident, I threw my old life away to become something else. Now I'm a one man army. I risk my life every second of everyday, anything to hold back the pain of my wife's death. Anything to make me strong enough, fast enough to avenge her. They say it was an accident, but I know better. My old life made me a target. I'm still a target. Someone wanted to get to me and my wife. I don't know why, but I intend to find out. All I have is a name. That, a barrel load of determination and the backing of the richest multi-national conglomerate in the world.

The Origamist. That scumbag killed my wife. Now it's payback time. Winchester Industries is changing it's focus. I still own a 51% share so what I say goes. We're bringing you a war, buddy. From now on this companies goal is to turn me into a one man engine of your destruction. Fold your way out of this one, buster.

-- transcription of the last public announcement by Winchester Industries

Frank sat on the boat, reading the latest financial newspaper. It was a little out of date, but it was the best he could get out here in the backwaters of Vietnam. Share prices for Winchester Industries had plummeted. Even with the lucrative military contracts they had picked up after the company had begun the OneManArmy project, the share-holders didn't have any faith in the company. No, that was wrong, they didn't have faith in him. They thought he was insane.

At first, the directors had begged him to reconsider. Then, they begged him to hire someone, an assassin, a private army, anything but mess with the company. He'd ignored them and converted most of his personal assets into more shares to further secure his control over the company. He had to do this himself. It was his duty as a husband and as a man. He had to avenge his wife by himself. The company wasn't even that involved. They developed weaponry and armour for him, did research and tactical simulations. Most of their time was spent trying to trace down the Origamist. Frank was more interested in training himself, finding things out for himself. The company now existed to give him something to work on when he came back from his own solo-missions empty-handed once again.

A gurgling interrupted his musing of the stocks. He looked down into the bloodied face of the man he had captured. Frank had badly beaten him already but he'd refused to talk. Eventually he had passed out.

Time for round two.

"Hey, wakey wakey, rise and shine. You ready to talk now?"

The man groaned and gurgled again.

"What's that? I can't hear you properly with all that blood in your mouth. Maybe you should wash it out!" Frank yelled as he grabbed the man by the hair and shoved his head of the back of the boat and into the brown waters of the river.

The man thrashed around for a few seconds before Frank yanked him back out. "Ready now?"

"Screw you!"

"Looks like I didn't wash you well enough, better add some bubbles to the mix."

Frank plunged him into the water again and then turned on the motor. The fan spun and the water frothed around the mans head. The man thrashed around violently, trying to pull his face away from the fan but Frank held him there.

"Ready now! Ready now!"

The man burst up, gasping for air, spluttering. Frank slapped him across the face and yelled in his face. "So, you were going to tell me where he is."

"I-I don't know!"

"Then maybe this time you'd like a shave. Those fan blades are pretty sharp."

"Okay! Okay! Look, I don't know where he is, but I know someone who might."

"Go on."

"I've never met him. I've only ever communicated by email, but he always passes his instructions on directly from the Origamist."

"What's this email address?"

"I can't! He'll kill me!"

"How will he ever know? You said yourself you never met him. He's on the other side of the internet. Give me the damn email!"

"Okay, it's paper underscore crane fourteen at- urrrrgghh!"

The man suddenly collapsed, blood pouring out of his neck. Frank ducked into the cabin of the boat and slammed the accelerator down. Crap!

When a few minutes had passed, he looked through the back window of the cabin. The man lay there, bled out across the back of the boat. In the pool of blood lay a small, paper crane. The murder weapon.

Frank bit his tongue to hold in the rage. Papercut...

The End

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