Unfinished Anime Adventure

This story i wrote a few years back based on real and fiction life sorta i guess. It is unfinished and it is staying that way, it has been to long to complete the story by any meaning. Yes it has to do with Naruto.

Chapter One


This story starts on a Sunday on msn....


Dyl: hey Maddy wasup

Maddy: not to much just tryin to plan where the group should hang tomorro.... by the way Banana is here

Dyl: kewl D.J is over at my house

Maddy: kool so.... where do you wanna hang tomorrow??

Dyl: ummm... I'm not sure... why don't you chooz you are the group leader

Maddy: ya but I don't wanna have to do everything!!

Dyl: ok, ok, umm.... why not down at the old race track?

Maddy: sure 10pm sharp, be ther!

Dyl: k

-Maddy is offline-


*ring, ring, ring, ring*

M.T: Hello?

Maddy: Hey baby

M.T: Oh, hey sweet heart

Maddy: Hey, um.... I was just callin to tell you that we're meetin down at the old race track tomorrow at 10pm sharp

M.T: Alright, bye love ya

Maddy: Love ya too, bye



*ring, ring*

Madz: Hello?

Maddy: Hey Madz.... um do ya think you can be security tomorrow?

Madz: Sure. I'll bring my sis

Maddy: Kay, old race track be there tomorrow at 10pm sharp


The End

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