I had a sudden desire to jump up, grab a belt from my wardrobe and do what I'd imagined doing when I'd so unhelpfully brought up the topic of mischief. I didn't do it though. At least he didn't suggest I should be a mischief-maker, I thought grimly, before realising that Christopher would have heard that thought and would now have more crazy ideas.

Damn, I thought.

‘That was a great thought, my dove. I didn't consider that.' He smiled wickedly. You would have thought he'd be careful after the discovery that I followed all his suggestions, whether intended for me or not, this summer, but oh no, here he was saying, "Be a mischief-maker."

I found myself unwillingly standing up and wandering over to grab a belt from my wardrobe. It really didn't help that I was not totally unwilling as I found myself wanting to play this immature practical joke.

Christopher looked amused. "Is that for me, my dove? You really are too kind."

I was running back with the belt. I was about to wrap it around Christopher but he shook his head at me, grabbed the belt and said, "Let go, Terri." His suggestions always seemed so much more effective when he said my name, I reflected as I let go.

"Very observant of you. Now stand still and let me tie you up."

I felt my muscles relax. I glared as he wrapped the belt around my chest. My arms were hanging loosely down, so they were held against my body by the belt. Christopher pulled the belt fairly tight, but not tight enough to hurt me, before doing up the buckle. He, then, scooped me up unmercifully. He proceeded to carry me out the room.

"Where are we going?" I asked, alarmed.

To mine, of course.

I realised with a groan that Christopher was probably going to tie me up in Charlie's room like he'd imagined doing.

That's right, my dove.

I suddenly recalled the déjà vu principle. Smug, I said, "What about déjà vu?"

He was carrying me downstairs at this point.

I wasn't planning on spending the whole night in Charlie's bedroom. I doubt a few minutes spent tying you up will be a cause for a transformation, and I'll leave the curtains wide open so he won't be able to transform anyway.

I groaned. He thought of everything.

"Will I spend the whole night tied up?" I wondered aloud.


We'd reached the living room by now, so I didn't respond. Christopher put me down and was suddenly staring deep into my eyes.

‘What are you doing?' I thought to him as my thoughts scattered.

Hypnotising you so you don't follow the suggestions I give your parents.

I fell through the blue depths into black.


          When I woke up, I was in front of Christopher's door in Christopher's arms.

"Did you walk here?" I asked.

‘No, I ran.' He sounded serious.

"That far? Carrying me?"

He looked puzzled for a moment but then he appeared to understand something. Oh, that's right, I never told you. I'm really strong and I don't tire as fast by night.

"Really?" I asked dubiously.


The door suddenly opened. I saw a very surprised looking Harry.

"Terri's staying over," Christopher said jovially.

Help, I mouthed.

Harry grinned. "Let her down then."

"No," Christopher replied mischievously. "She's mine for the night."

Harry frowned.

"I won't do anything too rash," Christopher promised.

"All right." Harry gave in, letting Christopher come in.


          A few minutes later, I was on the blue couch in Christopher's study. I was sitting sideways with my legs crossed. Christopher had had to steady me while I got into this position because of the belt. Christopher was facing me, his legs crossed too.

"What are we going to do, then?" I wondered.

Hmm. I'm going to persuade you to use the ‘newfound' mischievous side of your personality with me, rather than against me, and then we're going to discuss possible practical jokes. I know you'll enjoy yourself.

Here, Christopher winked.

"Only because you persuaded me I wanted to be a mischief-maker," I reminded him.

It may grow on you. You never know.

"I strongly dislike you presently," I told him, knowing I could never hate him.

"Which is why I have to use persuasion to get you on my side. You make this so much harder by not cooperating, my dove.

"I am not immature."

You always wanted to be young at heart, though.

I gulped. He'd heard me think that?

Christopher cringed. ‘Sorry, my dove. I shouldn't use your private feelings against you. I promise I never pry when I'm mind-reading - I just hear current thoughts. You're really open and trusting though. You never hide anything from me. I actually feel a bit uncomfortable when your private thoughts come up.'

"I'm sorry," I apologised. I felt sorry for him. He couldn't help it if he heard things he wasn't meant to.

Don't worry, my dove. It also makes me feel more protective of you, if that reassures you.

"It does. And I see now that you never really had any malicious intentions. All you're conveying to me is a kind nature. The mischief-making is only entertainment."

Yes, my dove. I'd love us to try different things, so you don't ever get bored.

"Oh, that's lovely of you." I forgot my annoyance at him. "I'll do this mischief-making thing voluntarily now. You should have said before that you just wanted different things for us to do together."

My dove, it didn't occur to me that that would have affected your decision.

"Let's talk mischief then. What will I say when Charlie finds me tomorrow?"

Christopher grinned. ‘Act confused. Pretend to be asleep if you're awake when he comes in and then wonder how you got there.'

I had a sudden flash of inspiration. "I could make the situation romantic! I could consider having been transported there by love for him and from longing to see his face again."

That's a good idea, my dove.

"Or," I continued, really getting into it, "I could say I may have slept-walked and he may have slept-walked too, to tie me up."

You could mention being with me, but say you dreamt about him.

"I could tell him about my diary, full of these dreams!"

Careful, my dove. You may have written about your lack of love for Charlie.

"Oh yeah." I remembered a great deal of entries conveying how much I longed for Christopher by day.

How is your diary going, by the way?

"Oh," I blushed. "I almost filled it before we went back to school in September."

Christopher chuckled. ‘I'll get you a new one for Christmas.'

"Oh yeah, that's coming up soon, isn't it?"

About a week away. How have you not noticed?

"Oh, well, I kind of lose track of time when I'm around you, and since I'm around you a lot..." I trailed off, my point conveyed.

Oh, my dove, your friends must miss you. I know I would.

"Actually, I told them about you..." I stopped as Christopher looked at me sharply. I realised my mistake.

"Sorry, I meant Charlie. Don't worry," I said, hastily, "they don't know about you." Christopher looked relieved.

"And they understand that I want to be around him a lot."

They should hang out with us. I could bring Sandy.

"That's a good idea. Won't they see you glowing, though?"

You could ask them to keep a secret and I'd ensure any person who thought of telling anyone wouldn't.

"Good point. Shall we go tomorrow evening, then?"

Yeah. Why not?

I smiled as I imagined the look on Anna and Clara's faces.

"Will you just invite Sandy then?"

I might invite Rick.

"That'd be great! I haven't seen him in ages!"

My dove, you sound extremely excited. Do you still have feelings for him?

"Maybe," I frowned in deep thought. "I guess we'll see when I see him. I was excited more by the fact I hadn't seen him in so long though."

Okay then.

I suddenly yawned. "What time is it?"

Not even ten o'clock. But, if you're tired you can fall asleep. I'll move you when it's nearly sunrise.

He stood up, picked up a blanket from a chair and laid it on me. Then, he sat facing me again.

"Aren't you tired?"

Not really. If I feel tired, I'll move you early though.

"Okay then."

I suddenly wondered something.


Yes, my dove?

"Do you dream?"

Oh yes. I've only dreamt about you since this summer, though.

"Aw, that's sweet. Can you watch other people's dreams?"

Oh, I suppose so. I've never tried though. Are you volunteering yours?

"Oh if you want, I suppose."

I thought about it awhile, but then I changed my mind. I'd feel uncomfortable if he saw private things, not because I was hiding them, but because they weren't supposed to be disclosed.

"Actually, no. I felt a bit uncomfortable when you told me you'd heard me thing something private. Sorry."

‘Don't apologise,' Christopher chuckled. ‘They're your dreams.'

"Do you think you can influence dreams?" I wondered.

I suppose. The person whose dreams you wanted to influence would have to be in a really deep trance, though, to affect something in their sleep.

"I've always wanted to control my dreams..." I reflected.

I could try for you.

"Oh would you?! You'll love what I want to dream about!"

Really? Tell me, then, and I'll have a go.

"Oh, thank you."

You're very welcome, my dove.

The End

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