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Back inside the hospital room, Ben was sitting on the side of Tori’s bed stroking her hair. Tori was looking up at him, watching his big green eyes shine as they touched hers. “How you feeling?” smiling at him, Tori replied “I’m getting there babes.” Reaching up, she put her hand on his cheek and started stroking it with her thumb. Ben put his hand on top of hers, “I thought that I had lost you!” Still smiling, Tori said “You’ll never lose me!” looking at the plastic tubing sticking out of her arm, she turned to Ben. “Would you like to see one of my many gifts?” Nodding he agreed.

Closing her eyes, she picked up a glass of water, she started to drink it. At first Ben couldn’t see any change or difference but then, the more she drank, the more she started to glow from the inside. And all her burns and cuts healed up. Ben looked at the drip in her hand, “Would you like me to get someone to get that out” Grinning at him “No thank you hunni. I can get it.” With that the tape keeping the drip in place pealed themselves off and the drip slipped out of her hand; hanging it’s self up. Nodding and smiling to himself, Ben muttered “Telepathy! Interesting. What else can you do?” Beaming Tori answered “Oh! Lots of things!” They both laughed. Then the door opened and in shuffled Nick, Stefan and Carrie marching in behind them. She stud a few feet from the door with a face like thunder. Nick was the first one to apologise “I’m really sorry for trying to burn Ben’s house down while you were still in it!” Turning to face him, Tori responded “It’s ok. Just don’t do it again. And I think it’s Ben who you should be apologising to not me.” So Nick said he was every so sorry for burning down his house.

Immediately after that Nick whipped round to look at Carrie, who nodded. Tori guessed that she was there to see that they did it properly. Now Carrie was stud right behind the two boys. All Stefan uttered was a “sorry I nearly killed you.” And just stud there like an idiot. Carrie had slapped Stefan round the back of his head. “HAAAYYYY!!!!! What was that for?” Ben was starting to get annoyed with him. “Show some respect! First you try to kill her, and then you give her a pathetically bad apology!” Within seconds, an argument had broken out and it was mainly aimed at stefan's lame apology. That’s when Tori used her telepathy on everyone in the room; making them still, unmoving. So that none of them tried to hit another. “ALRIGHT! JEESE! GIVE IT A REST WILL YOU!!!!“ They all shout up pretty quickly. After promising that they were going to be good and NOT try to hurt each other, Tori let them go.

The End

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