They all sat in the waiting room for 2 and a half hours until they heard anything from anyone. A doctor walked up to Viki and Paul. Standing up to greet the doctor Paul asks “How is she?” The doctor looked at Paul and Viki, “Are you her parents?” “No. Her mum is away. We’re her auntie and uncle. Why? what’s wrong?” The doctor now looked uncomfortable, “we’re having trouble. One of the nurses tried to take blood for some tests. But as the tip of the needle touched Tori’s skin it shattered. The same happened with the next 2 as well. But the 3rd needle we tried, the needle actually turned round and started for the nurse. Is there any one here that she trusts completely?” Both Viki and Paul turned to look at Carri and Nick. Who both nodded and got up. As Paul and Viki got to the door, they found that they couldn’t get in. “She’s only letting certain people in.” They both starred at the doctor. As soon as Nick and Carri stepped into the room they could feel the tension in the air. Tori was lying in a bed right in the middle of the room, needles, drips and tubes were coming out of her arms. She looked so peaceful. Carri walked towards her, “It’s ok. Lil sis, we need to take some blood.” Carri looked at Nick, to say something. “You know, to make sure you don’t have anything wrong with you.”


The air suddenly relaxed, Carri nodded to the nurse, who came over took the blood she needed and almost ran out of the room. Bending down to talk to Tori, Carri asked “Can you remember anything of what happened?” By this point Nick had left the room to tell everyone else that she was ok. Tori’s eyes slowly opened, seeing her older sister sitting next to her. Tori sat up, hugging Carri she answered. “Yer. I went into Ben’s house, after ringing him. Then I could smell smoke, so I followed the smell and found a fire right in front of the door. I rang up to Ben’s room, when I got there I heard voices, two of them. I could have sworn that they sounded just like Nick and Stefan!” with that she lay back onto the bed, closing her eyes she asked “can you ask Ben to come in and sit with me, while I sleep?” So Carrie walked out. On the outside she was smooth, calm and relaxed, but on the inside. She was livid to her core. Given the chance, she would ring those two boy’s necks! Walking over to Ben, Carrie told him that Tori wanted him in there with her. Getting up, Ben strolled into the hospital room. Stefan and Nick were sat next to each other with their heads down, seeing Carrie coming towards them with a face like thunder. They did not dare question her. Walking straight past them heading for the exit, they followed behind her without a sound.


Once outside and away from the hospital, Carrie rounded on them. “YOU STUPID PAIR OF IDIOTS!!!!! WOT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING???!!!!” not giving them chance to answer, she carried on shouting at them, “YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HER!!!!” Looking at Stefan “SHE’S SURPOSED TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!!” Now glaring at Nick, “SHE’S PART OF YOUR OWN FAMILY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!” Stefan stoke up, “yer, she was. But Tori’s now with Ben.”  Turning to Stefan, Carrie replied with. “Maybe, that’s debateable. But after the way you shouted at her, I’m really not surprised that she goes and seeks comfort in Ben.” The two boys stare at Carrie. “But he’s dangerous!” Stefan was protesting. Laughing at him, Carrie says “I can grantee that Tori is 10x worse than Ben!” Stefan glared at Carrie, but Nick just said “She is!” Stefan looked at Nick and Carrie in puzzlement. “How is she 10x worse?” Nick answered, “Do you remember that day the house shook? And Katrina was having a go at Tori?” He nodded. “Well....that was Tori upset.” Stefan’s eyes widened “wooooh! Really? That was her upset? I wouldn’t like to see her really annoyed!!!”  Carrie sighed, and said “well. I won’t tell you what exactly what she can do, but...put it this way. If someone hurt or stole something of hers that she really loved, then she would use her.....abilities and she would actually rip the world apart to save or take back what was stolen from her!” Both boys were standing there, mouths hanging wide open, staring at Carrie.

The End

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