oops! now your in trouble!Mature

2 days later Tori woke up feeling refreshed, she went down stairs for some breakfast. “Morning auntie.” Kissing her auntie on the cheek she got the toast that was waiting for her on the table. Viki looked at Tori “What are you planning to do with your day?” Thinking hard, Tori replied “I think I’m going to find a job and then I’ll go see Ben!” “You mean that very nice, respect cal young man that came round yesterday?” Tori must have looked puzzled because Viki carried on “Tall, nicely tanned, bright green eyes and black hair?” “Yer. Thats him. Is it ok if I go round to his house later?” “What time is later?” Looking at the clock, Tori decided “Is 3 ok?” Nodding Viki agreed. Skipping out the front door Tori went straight to the job centre on her peddle bike. After 10 minutes she got a job; working in a shop. Then she rang Ben to see if he was in. He was helping his little brother with something and told to go straight in and he’ll meet her there in 5 minutes. Leaving her peddle bike outside on the drive, she let herself in, Tori thought she would go and explore Ben’s house. She didn’t get a chance last time she was here. It’s really his parent’s house, he was looking after it while they were on holiday. It was only a 3 storied house. Suddenly Tori could smell smoke, running to the front door she saw the fire right in front of the door.


 Remembering that Ben had a balcony in his room, she ran to it as fast as she could. Reaching the balcony door she found that it had been bordered up  from the outside and she could hear voices coming from the other side of the now bordered up glass. “That’ll teach you, you slimy, cheap moron for trying to steal my girlfriend!!!!” ‘Stefan?’ Tori thought. Tori started banging and screaming hoping someone would hear her. Staggering to Ben’s bedroom door, as Tori reached it a load of ceiling fell down in front of her.  Falling backwards Tori hit her head; knocking her unconscious. Meanwhile Ben was walking round the corner when Craig; his next door neighbour came running at him. “Dude. Your house is on fire!” Totally shocked Ben asked Craig “What do you mean my house is on fire?!” Craig was now jumping up and down “Come look. And I think there’s someone in there. I heard a lot of high pitched screaming a minute ago!”


Now running Ben saw Tori’s peddle bike still there on the drive. Turning to Craig Ben said “Take this bike and go to this address. Ask for a woman called Viki; tell her that Tori’s in trouble. And that I’m going to bring her back there, so to have an ambulance ready for us!” Ben handed Craig the note, he had written everything he had just said, handed Craig the peddle bike and off Craig went. Seeing that the front door was bordered up Ben went round the back. Climbing through the window, he ran up to his room. Seeing Tori lying on the floor, Ben started to move the bits of wood and plastic to get though. Taking his jacket off Ben put it in front of Tori’s face; to stop any more smoke getting to her. Putting his hand under Tori’s head Ben found blood on his hand. Picking her up Ben dashed out of the burning house. When he got to the end of the street, Ben carefully took the jacket off of Tori’s face. Shouting for a taxi, arriving at Viki and Paul’s house, Ben saw the ambulance waiting for him. He let Tori’s auntie and uncle ride with her. And Ben went in Natalie’s car with everyone else.


The End

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