passion, jealousy and secretsMature

Walking in the front door Ben asked “What do you want to do?” A massive cheesy sexy smile spread across Tori’s face. Ben asked “Really?” She nodded “But you’ve only just met me.” Still smiling Tori answered “so?” “But you don’t know anything about me” “You don’t anything about me. Thats not stopping you thinking about it!” Ben had been walking up the stairs backwards slowly. But then he stopped “Your good. Mind-reading?” She nodded “And much, much more!” Stepping up a step so that now she was right in front of Ben as she stated “You’ll be breaking my seal!” She teased. A massive smile spread on Ben’s face now. “well......if you insist!” Grabbing her hand, Ben lead Tori up the remainder of the steps. Reaching the landing, they ran.


They reached Ben’s door, he kissed Tori softly, but feeling Tori’s passion he kissed her with more aggression. Fumberling for the door handle Tori turned it. Once inside, they started to tear and rip at their clothes and each others. Leaving only their underwear, they stumbled onto the bed. Still kissing they turned over so that Ben could undo Tori’s bra. Once the bra was on the floor, Tori started to kiss Ben. But she was moving down his body, kissing his neck, chest and when she got to his pelvis, she stopped. Slowly lifting her head up, Tori reached up and took the bobble out of her hair, letting all her lose blond curls hang loose down one side of her neck. Then shaking her head, so that all the curls shook and a bit of hair hung just to the side of her face. Ben looked at her “I bet you never did anything like this with Stefan!” Smiling she replied “No. But I’m glad it’s you!” Moving back up Ben’s chest Tori propped herself up on her elbows. With that Ben grabbed Tori’s waist and rolled.


Unfortunately they rolled off the bed. But Tori was to occupied by the fall that she hadn’t realised that Ben had lodged himself in her. It was only when Ben started to move that she understood. Then at the height of the passion Ben sat up, his eye’s changed from bight green to brown, his teeth extended and he bit her neck, Tori gasped in both pleasure and pain. Ben lifted his head up smiling, seeing Tori he stopped. She had gone all limp, lifting her up gently, Ben laid her on the bed while rapping a sheet round her. 5 minutes later, Tori’s eyes opened. Ben was lying next to her propped up on one elbow and stroking her cheek he asked “You ok my love?” Smiling she looked at him “yes. I am now that I can see you!” Ben’s eyes and teeth had gone back to normal by now, but seeing the blood on the floor she asked “So you’re a?.....a...?”  nodding Ben answer “yes. I’m a vampire.” Smiling, Tori saw that there was a little bit of blood on the side of his mouth. Lifting her head up, she licked it of his face.


 Ben just starred at her. Looking him in the eyes she said “My best friend’s a vampire. And so is her whole family. You might know her.” Ben didn’t say anything, so Tori carried on “Calian is a really nice girl. I’ve known her since I can remember.” Smiling Ben said “Oh. Cally? She’s a great lass!” Tori’s smile dropped “Have you ever.....?” Knowing what she meant he simply said “No, I haven’t.” Tori’s phone rang, they both starred at it. “I’m not answering it.” Tori looked at Ben who picked up the phone.

“Yer? What do you want?”


“Nope. Wrong sex!”


Looking to Tori he raised his eyebrows, she nodded.

“mmmmm. Speaking off sex!.......Guess what we’ve just done?!”

“WHAT?! You better hope your joking!” Tori took the phone off of Ben.

“What are you going to do about it?! Bit me? .......awww....wait, Ben’s already done that!” With that she put the phone down. Turning to look at Tori, Ben said “I think we both have secrets.” So Tori told Ben all her secrets. After Ben told her his, he said. “I think we better get you  back.” Feeling sad she nodded. Seeing Tori’s unhappiness Ben told her “I’ll come and see you tomorrow. Promise!” “ok.” Walking her back to her auntie’s house, Tori started to get really tired, so Ben offered to carry her the rest of the way. Nodding sleepily, Ben lifting Tori ever so gently into his arms. Like a big child, Tori rapped her arms round Ben’s neck and rested her head on his shoulder. Suddenly a thick fluffy blanket appered and draped it’s self round Tori’s bare shoulders. Arriving at Viki and Paul’s house Ben carried Tori all the way up to her room. Lying her down under the covers, he left.

The End

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