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5 minutes later a lad in his early 20’s walked in, seeing Tori sat by herself he went up to her. “What’s a young beautiful girl like you’re self doing in a pub like this?!” Tori turned to look at the lad talking to her. “I got bored being stuck at home. What about you?” Smiling, the lad replies “Same. Being stuck round the same people all the time can get really annoying. Don’t you think?” Smiling Tori agrees. “What’s your name?” Tori gazes into his big green eyes. The lad was tall, properly had the same colour tan as Tori. Big bright green eyes, black hair and was wearing tracky bottoms and a white non-sleeved top that made him look even more tanned and that showed off his muscles. “Ben. What’s yours?” “Tori.” Ben said “Let’s go some else.” Biting her lip. Then grinning she replied “Let’s.” So they both walked out. But as Tori reached the door she turned to the bar lad, putting one finger to her lips said “sssshhhhhh!” Smiling, he nodded. Happily  Tori followed the lad onto the street. Grabbing her hand Ben started to run, as they turned a corner Nick walked onto the same street they were on seconds ago.


Beth had come into town from a different direction. Walking down an ally, she bumped into two people, she apologised “sorry.” Tori saw Beth as she turned away. “Hi Beth.” Beth was trying to think that hard, she forgot who she was purposed to be looking for. “Oh, hi Tori.” Ben and Tori had already disappeared by the time Beth had realised who it was. Nick came running up to her, “who was that?” Still a bit confused she replied “Tori and another lad.” Shocked by what Beth had just said he stuttered “What?!..Tori?..Where?” “down that ally. He must have been giving her a piggy back. She was laughing though.” Next thing Calian and Zoe came running up to them “We can’t find her any were!” Now getting angry, Nick States “Well, you won’t!” “Why?” Calian asked. Looking at her, he finished “Well, Beth decided to say ‘hi’ to Tori and then let her not only walk past but disappear as well into the night.” Gasping, Zoe said “Beth are such a fudging-lolly-licker!!!!!” Starring at Zoe they all burst out laughing. “What?” Trying to control her laughing enough to talk, Calian answers “You do have a way of putting things!” Turning back to Beth, Nick asks “what did the lad you saw with Tori look like?” Trying to remember properly she says “Well......he was tall, he had......a nice tan....erm?.......” nodding Nick agrees and then asks “yes? Anything else?” Beth shuts her eyes trying to see his face. “YES!” She shouts “he has very bright green eyes. And a lot of muscles.” Gasping Nick suddenly starts running towards the ally Beth pointed at. ‘Ben’ he thought. 


Meanwhile Stefan’s pointlessly walking around the streets, when he gets a text. Looking down at his phone, he sees it’s from Tori. Opening the message, he could see a picture of Ben and Tori together. And it read:


A lovely lass you HAD !!!!! ;D

Clicking it off he rings Nick,

“Nick. He’s got her!”

“What? Who is this?”

“Stefan. Anyway, he’s got her! Ben’s got Tori!”

“I know!”

“Meet you at the house.”

“ok. I’m around the corner from it now.”


 And Stefan hung up, turning a corner he nearly ran head long into Nick. Clicking back onto the picture he shows Nick. “He won’t do anything to her. Any way, she can handle herself.” Stefan was shaking his head “You don’t know Ben like I do!”  As they walked towards the house, Stefan gets a phone call.

“Hi Stefan.”

“Ben? What have you done with Tori?”

“Nothing ......... yet.”

“Where is she?”

“Right here with me.”

“Hiya Stefan. Ben is soooo much fun! Why didn’t you let me meet him before?”

Stefan heard a lot of giggling in the background. “You know I can say the same thing about Tori. Anyway, got to go now. We have a lot to do! So ...... ta-tar!”

Ben put the phone down. While Stefan and Nick try to look for Tori, Ben had taken her to his house.

The End

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