temper, temper!Mature

Later Tori was lying on her bed reading. She was so engrossed in the book, that she didn’t hear Stefan knock on her door. He waited 2 minutes before he entered. He walked in and shutting the door behind him, but still didn’t get Tori’s attention. So, he sat on her bed and waiting another few minutes. Finally Stefan reached forward and pulled the book down, seeing Stefan’s face, Tori jumped. “Were the hell did you come from?” She gasped with her hand on her chest, trying to calm her breathing. “I did knock.” Was all he said. When her breathing was sort of back to normal, she crawled slowly towards Stefan until she was right in front of him.


Strangely enough Tori could see that Stefan was staring at her bare neck instead of her face. At this point her mind was racing ahead. In a second Tori had decided to give him a hug. Leaning even further forward she hugged him, but this time she tilted her head so that he could see her bare neck and throat. Noticing these two bare things there on his shoulder, he froze. Tori could feel Stefan freeze and sighed. Sitting back on her heels facing him, Tori searched Stefan’s eyes for hope that she was wrong about what she had guessed.  “Stefan?” He didn’t answer, just put his head down. “Look at me.” Stefan didn’t move. Now feeling sad Tori asked “please?”  Still Stefan didn’t move. Reach with her out stretched hand, she found his chin and started to lift his head up so she could see his face. Finally Stefan looked Tori in the eyes. “Is it true?” Tori still continued to search Stefan’s face. “Is what true?” Stefan’s voice sounded strained. “Are you a ......?” Tori didn’t know how to finish that sentence. Sighing Stefan answered “Yes, I am.”  “Oh?”  Tori half smiled. Trying to make Stefan feel better. “It’s ok you know. It’s not that bad.” Stefan’s eyes widened, “Not that bad?! Not that...?!” Stefan stood off the bed and started towards the door. But stopped half way there, turning he shouted “YOU HAVE NO IDEA! NONE AT ALL, DO YOU?! HOW COULD YOU? YOU’RE JUST A GIRL!!!!”  With that he stormed out. As the door slammed shut Tori started to cry. She cried all night, and when the next day came, Tori barracked her door by tilting her wardrobe in front of it. And wouldn’t let anyone in.


 3 hours later Nick sees people going up stairs, following them to see what’s going on, he sees Frannie, Beth, Calian, Millie, Carri, Annabelle, Zoe, Chloe, James, Natalie, Shannon and a few other lads sitting outside Tori’s bedroom door. “What are all of you doing here?” The only response Nick got were a lot of “sssshhhhhh!!!!” ‘s off of every one. Nick talked towards the door but couldn’t hear anything. Turning to Calian, he asked her “What’s going on?” Knowing that he would get an answer out of her. “Well, last night Stefan went to see Tori. But things were said. Stefan starts shouting and like really loudly as well. He storms out, leaving Tori crying her heart out! Tori’s locked herself in her room and hasn’t made a sound since 9 a clock this morning. Tori could be dead for all we know and Stefan’s walking round like nothing’s happened. It’s a really good job he’s in town, cause if I see him any time soon!!!!....” she stopped herself before she got angry. Sighing, she carried on. “...otherwise I’m going to ring his neck!!!!” then Zoe called out “And I think she’ll want to help as well. Won’t she?!!” With that people started to shout and agree. Suddenly a lot of screams and shouting of anger and frustration came from behind Tori’s door.


With that Nick walked off in search of Stefan. Just as Nick got to the bottom of the stairs the screams stopped as abruptly as they started. Nick searched for Stefan of the remainder of the day. But he couldn’t find him. So Nick decided to wait until night to continue his search. Meanwhile Tori was sick and tired of hiding in her room, looking out of her window that over looked the back garden she saw Stefan talking to a young lass, she started to walk away but Stefan court her hand ,pulling her back he hugged her. So, getting changed into her shorts and strap top (to go over the top of her bikini top), grabbed her keys and walked out, leaving her phone on the bed. Walking through the big house Tori didn’t bump into anyone, which was a good job because she wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone.  Strolling through town she thought that she would go sit in a bar for a bit.

The End

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