problems by the poolMature

The next morning Tori woke up with all her friends crowed round her. They were all sitting on the end of her bed. Beth leaned closer to Tori “Sooo?” They all looked excited, but Tori was too confused and tired “so?” Beth looked at calian for help, who grabbed Tori’s face and began to gently shake her. “Come on Tori! The suspense is killing us! What happened last night?!” Tori could see her younger cousin sitting next to Zoe. “Chloe? What are you doing here?” She stared at her cousin “What? Just because I’m your cousin Tori, does not mean that I have to miss out on good gossip!” Now feeling puzzled Tori asks “What gossip?” “’What gossip’ she says!” They stared at Tori.


Looking at all of them Tori suddenly realises what they mean. “Oh?! That gossip.” Millie says “Yes that gossip!” they all laughed. So Tori began to tell them about last night or early this morning if you wanted to be precise. And when she got to the bit where he gave her the necklace, they all gasped as she showed them it. They all ‘aww’ed when she told them that they had kissed. And when Tori told them that she thinks that he has a big secret, they all ‘oooo’ed! “We have to find out what that secret is!” Chloe had piped up. “Yer!” they all agreed.


Later, when everyone was dressed and ready, they all meet in the big living room to watch Tori open her hundreds of presents. Tori got all sorts; you name it, she properly got it. All the girls were in the inside pool room, mainly because the sun wasn’t out. Most of the lads where upstairs watching the rugby match. By the time it was finished the sun was out and the had girls followed it. Tori and all of her friends were lying on sun beds. When all of a sudden the lads came running out with big water guns, soaking them all! So Tori gathered all the girls (that got wet) and they plotted against the lads. About half an hour later nearly all the lads were outside near the pool, so the lasses snuck up on them and pushed them in! Laughing so hard at the lads, Tori and her friends didn’t see the other lads until it was too late. Nick picked Tori up and chucked her into the pool. Looking up Tori saw that Beth, Calian, Millie, Frannie and Zoe’s boyfriends had done the same. Looking at each other they all agreed at the same time. As the lads bent down to ask the girls if they having fun in there, the girls reached up and pulled the lads in. In the end they were all laughing. Getting out of the pool Tori saw a lass walking towards her. Unfortunately, she kept picking on and bullying Tori since she was very young. “Oh, I see the wicked witch is back from the west?!”   Tori looked away, not wanting to talk to her. “Not in a talkative mood are we?” She slaps Tori round the face, hard.


Just then Chloe tries to stop her but Nick grabs her round the waist to stop her. “You Know what will happen if you get in the way. And you know what’s going to happen if Katarina keeps bullying Tori!” Chloe looked up at her older brother and gasps. Turning back to Tori so she could see what was happening. “Go on. Aren’t you going to call for help, off of your little pathetic friends?” She hits Tori again. Looking up she sees that Katarina had grown. “No. I’m not.” Then Tori felt something running down her face, reaching her hand up to investigate, she finds blood. Anger ripples through Tori as she stares at Katarina. “You better hope that this isn’t my blood!” Scoffing Katarina asks “Why? What are you going to do about it?!” It suddenly started to get cold as the thunder clouds rolled in. Then the whole house started to shake, and then out of nowhere a lightning bolt struck the ground right next to Katarina. As she screamed and jumped to the side the lightning struck again moving closer to Katarina as she moved. “You shouldn’t mess with people you can’t handle!”


Then before Tori could do anything else, Nick ran forward, grabbing her by the waist and started to drag her away. Staring back at Katarina Tori shouted “I’ll never forget what you’ve done! And if you ever hurt or do anything to my friends or family you’ll be sooo sorry!” Within seconds she was in the house, Tori turned round still in Nick’s arms, she hugged him. “I’m sorry!” She whispered as she started to cry. “It’s ok. She’s gone now.” Looking up Nick saw Carri standing in the door way to the kitchen, he nodded. As she walked away, he then saw Stefan standing in her place. Smiling Nick put his head down to Tori’s and whispered “I think Stefan wants to hug.” Tori lifted her head to face Nick. “Really? So he doesn’t think I’m a freak then?” Looking shocked Nick asked “Why would he think that?” Still looking at nick she replied “Cause I lost it!” Nick looked up at Stefan, who smiled and shuck his head. “No.” Then nick bent down so that only Tori could hear “I’m sure he still likes you!” Tori looked round to see Stefan, who lifted his arms. Just before she let go of nick she squeezed him a little bit, kissed him on the cheek and said ‘thank you’. Turning round Tori walked into Stefan’s open arms. Feeling happy and safe to be there.

The End

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