boys, kisses and birthday presentsMature

That night Tori started to write in her diary again:

Friday 22nd may

OMG! You won’t believe the day I’ve had! It’s 1.47 in the morning the party’s only just stopped! AAAHHH! (lol!) well I’m now 16; I’ll have to open all the pressie’s tomorrow. There’s soooo MANY! For once I’m really glad mums not here. She would have TOTALLY messed it up for me. Like she did last time she was at one of my birthday parties. Any way, I meet up with all my mates again, there sooo awesome! And I court up with the gossip! GOD, I can’t believe I’ve missed so much in the last couple of months! I meet this lad today. His name is Stefan! He is sooo f’ing hot, it’s unreal! He wore these lose shorts. But NO top! He has serious muscles! When he hugged me I could feel his arms flex round me. At one point he hugged me so closely that I could feel his 6 pack press against my bare flesh! When he said goodnight he kissed me on the cheek, in that split second when our skins touched, my heart skipped a beat, my knees went all jelly and I couldn’t stop smiling! But I’ll tell you something, his eyes are sooo brown and warm, I SWARE that they can melt ANYTHING they touch!!!!! Wait a min there’s someone at my door! brb.

Tori got off her bed and went to answer her door. There, in the shadowy hallway stood Stefan, looking up into his eyes Tori let out a small gasp. “Yes?” She asked a little shakily. 

“May I come in?” A little bewildered Tori replied,

“yes. Yes of course. Come in.” She stepped aside to let him in. He walked past her into the middle of her room. She shut the door and leaned against it, mainly for support. Tori was still quite giddy from earlier and as the fan (to keep her room cool) wafted cool air towards her, she got a face full of Stefan smell as well. Well, that was too much for her, coursing her to faint. Stefan seeing Tori collapse, he swooped down to catch her. Gently lying her down on her bed, Stefan got a wet flannel and started to try and cool down her face. After a few minutes of gently dabbing Tori’s face, she woke up. Seeing his face just above her own her heart started to race. Then Stefan slightly tilted his head. “are you ok?” Tori looked at him. He continued. “Your heart is racing. Is there something the matter?” Tori carried on looking at him. “Does your head hur....?” Tori didn’t give Stefan a chance to finish him sentence. Sitting up, Tori kisses him.

Breaking apart, the pair of them gasping. Tori looks closely at Stefan, and then she stares him in the eyes. He looks back at her. Smiling Tori says “You shouldn’t carry such a secret without sharing it. It’s bad for the soul.” Stefan eyes widen “I don’t know what you mean.” Still smiling, Tori kisses him again. “It’s ok. I know what it’s like to hide something big.”  The way Tori suddenly says it, she catches Stefan off guard.  “really?” Tori’s smile widens “yer.” Stefan’s eyes relax. Tori leans in closer to him “It’s ok, you can tell me you know.”  Stefan quickly changes the subject “I thought you might like this.” He handed her a smallish dark blue box. Tori opens it. Gasping, her voice full of excitement and shock she says “oh my god Stefan! You shouldn’t have!” Inside the box was a necklace, with a heart shape diamond on it. “what’s it for?” He looks at her “It’s a birthday gift of course” Still shocked Tori stutters “Is it....?” Obviously knowing what she was trying to say, Stefan answers “yes it is.” Tori looks up in to Stefan’s big brown eyes “all of it?” He smiled “yes. All of it.”  “OH MY GOD!!!!!!” She flings her arms round his neck. Laughing Stefan asks “do you like it?”  with her arms still round his neck, she whispers in to his ear “I love it!”  Pulling her away from him, he replies “I’m glad you like it!” Smiling. They kiss again, but this time more passionately. “I better go.” She reaches for his arm “please can you put this on for me before you go?” Tori held up the necklace towards Stefan. He nodes.

Turning round she pulls her hair to one side, revealing one side and the back of her neck. Slowly Stefan fastens it around her neck, kissing her on the cheek Stefan marches out into the darkness. Giggling to herself as she shuts the door behind him, Tori jumps onto her bed, pulls out the diary and continues writing in it:

Stefan’s just left. He gave me on diamond necklace for my birthday! I can’t believe it! I’ll have to tell the girls in the morning, they are going to be soooo jealous! (giggling) But there’s a dark secret he’s keeping. I thought pretending I knew what it was would make him tell me. But it didn’t. I WILL find out what it is though! I think, I’ll try without using that method first. I kissed him twice just night! And I’m not even going out with him yet! I can’t believe I fainted though! I’m such a GIRL!!!! (lol!) I think I’m going to spend some time with my cousins tomorrow. Anyway, I’m tired, it’s been a longgg day today! So goodnight! xxxx.

Tori put her diary back in the draw in the bedside table, turned the light out and went to sleep.

The End

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