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 Viki and Paul owned their own 10 bed roomed house, each bed room has its own bath room. A big kitchen, an even bigger living room and a big dining room, as well as an outside and an inside swimming pool. Tori was in her room trying to find her swimming cosy, when there was a knock at the door. Without looking up she calls,

“Come in.” A tall, light brown haired lad with piercing blue eyes walks in, seeing Tori bent over her suitcase, wearing hot pants and a tank top. He stoles up to her, grabbing her by the waist. Before she could protest he spins her round to see him. Gasping she hugs him.

“Nick! Its sooo good to see you again!” After a few minutes he pulls back to stare to her with his vivid blue eyes. Giggling she asks. “What?” Still staring he answers, “Well. I’m pretty sure you’ll break a few hearts. With or without a bikini!” Tori laughs “you don’t look bad yourself. I beat you’ve got quite a queue behind you!” They both laugh. They hear the door bell ring. Looking out of the window, Nick sees the person at the door. “Ah! Finally.”  Looking at Tori he says “Hurry up! There’s people down there waiting to wish you a happy birthday.” “Ok. I’ll be 5 minutes.” As Nick left her room she looked out onto the party to see a lad looking up at her. Spinning round Tori court up the bikini and left to get changed. 2 minutes later, she was wearing her bikini top with her favourite pair of denim shorts, while walking out of her room she grabs her hair bobble and started to put her long blond hair into a lose ponytail. By the time she reaches the garden Tori was already showered with gifts. Stepping out of the patio doors and into the hot sunny garden she saw Shannon crowded with her friends. Same with Carri, but hers was mostly boys.

Letting her eyes sweep through the crowd, Tori saw her two other cousins. Running up to both of them, they hugged her. Letting go only so that she could see them properly. “Chloe! Nat! How are you two doing?” Chloe was the youngest, only a year younger then Tori and was a little bit smaller then her. She had bright red frizzy hair that usually reached the middle of her back, was now in two lose plates that hung down in front of her chest. She wore a short but lose strappy summer dress. Whereas Natalie had brown hair that should have touched the bottom of her back, was clipped to the back of her head. She was taller than Tori as well as two years older than her. She wore a pink boob tube with a bikini top underneath and a light cream mini skirt. They got talking, and one by one their friends called them over. Standing by her friends, Tori could see that they had not really changed at all. Well, apart from getting older and growing of course. Then Nick came over and pulled Tori away to talk to some of the other guests.

Then finally Tori got back to her group. Just then Frannie looked round to see a lad looking over at them. She spun round to face the rest of the group. “guys?! Guys!” They all stopped talking, she waited till all of they were looking at her, then she continued. “There is a really fit lad staring right at us!” They all gasped and looked round to see which lad she meant. Then calian froze. “What?” they were all asking her, at the same time. Only unfreezing herself enough to talk she said “Thats Nick’s best friend” More gasping. Then Beth another one of Tori’s friends asked “You mean the one who’s really popular? The one who’s really gorgeous? The one who’s .....?” She suddenly stopped talking. She was just staring. Then a voice made them all jump. It was really rich velvety voice, a voice that could make you forget what you were doing, saying or even thinking! “Sorry to interrupt.” He looked round and court Tori’s eye. “You must be the birthday girl.” “Yer. I’m Tori. This is Frannie, Calian, Beth, Millie and Zoe.” They all said “hi” after their name. And he nodded to them all when they said “hi”. He offered his hand to Tori, who took it. As they walked away she looked round at her friends, who smiled at her. She just got a glimpse as her best friends, as their boyfriends moved in around them. 

The End

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