Tori goes to see her auntie and uncle along with her cousins every time her mother wants a break. Stepping out of the car she helps her younger sister Shannon out, while her older sister Carri gets their bags before their mother drives off.  Standing in the middle of the road, Tori picks up her younger sister just as she starts to cry, not understanding why her mum has just left them. Looking up, Tori seeing Carri shake her head in answer to the question on her lips. A tall slim, long brown haired woman who looked in her 30’s was craning her neck to see over the top of the gate from the doorway of the big house.

“Carri?” Looking over the gate Tori could see her auntie. Putting her face down to see Shannon, Tori said “Look there’s auntie Viki. Go see.” As Shannon’s feet touched the ground she was running towards her auntie’s out stretched arms. Taking a bag from Carri, the two girls walked towards their auntie’s house. Inside there was a big welcome of hugs, “hellos” and on this occasion birthday presents for Tori’s 16th birthday. After all the unpacking and settling in was done, they held a party for Tori out in the back garden. While her auntie Viki was sorting out the food for everyone, her uncle Paul was dealing with the drinks. Nearly the whole neighbourhood was invited. You see their mum was under a lot of stress, and she sometimes just leaves the girls with her sister until she had got herself sorted. And no one knows how long it would take.

The first time this happened, the girls were at their aunties for 2 years, so everyone who lived near Viki and Paul knew the girls well. When Carri was Shannon’s age, their mum was never like this, it only really started to happened when Tori was born, then their father left, so that didn’t help the situation. So to begin with, Carri used to blame Tori for what happened to their mum. She used to leave the girls on their own while she went out for hours at a time. That’s when their auntie stepped in. And after that Carri came to like Tori, and tried her best to protect her and Shannon from their mum’s neglectful ways. So now the girls just pack all their clothes ready for their aunties.

The End

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