I wake with a start in a strange hospital room. 

"ROWEN!" I yell, jolting up in bed. I give a cry of pain as the movement jostles my arm and searing pain shoots up it. I look down and see that it is wrapped in a cast from the hand to the elbow. I grimace. Suddenly, a nurse rushes in to the room and forces me back into a lying position. "My baby! I want my baby!" I tell her urgently. I am not thinking straight. The only thing I think about is Rowen. My beautiful Rowen. How long have I been unconscious?  My breath comes in short gasps. Where is my baby? Where is Robbie? I need them.. I try to get up, but two more nurses rush in and help the first to pin me down. Eventually, I black out. 


When I awaken again, my head is a little clearer. 

"Robbie.. Rowen.." I murmur. Then I realize with a jolt that Zach is seated by my bed. "Zach!"

"Yep, its me, babe." He says with a smile. "You feeling better?" 

"Don't call me that!" I snap automatically. His expression changes to one of hurt and anger, and I continue in a nicer voice: "I.. think I am. What happened?" 

"Good. You fell down the stairs, while holding Rowen. You've broken your right arm, and several ribs, and you dislocated your ankle. Before you ask, Rowen is fine. Your body totally protected her." I breathe a sigh of relief, and he gives a tight smile. 

"Where is she? Where's Robbie?" The questions are out of my mouth without a second thought. I am itching to know. 

"Um, Rowen's outside the hospital, with your mum, she was crying so she had to be taken out. As for Robbie.. I called him as soon as you were in hospital, and he said he would get away a.s.a.p. He should be here within a few hours." Zach says. His tone of voice changes totally when he talks about Robbie. It is clear, despite the truce they made at Rowen's birth, that the anger and hatred he feels toward Robbie is bubbling up once more. 

"How long have I been unconscious?" Is my next pressing question. 

"Not long. Little under a day." He says airily. 

"A DAY?" I exclaim, sitting up quickly. "How did you feed Rowen? How is she? Did she sleep alright without me? Oh my god.. I need to see her Zach.. It hurts to be away from her." I feel tears welling in my eyes. He gets up and heads to the door. 

"I'll get her, but only 'cause I care about you both so much." He winks, and then disappears through the doorway. 

Five minutes later he re-enters with my little darling, my pride and joy, my life. He hands her to me and I hold her awkwardly using my good arm. But all the same, she is here now, and that is all that matters. I just sit, in virtual silence, cradling her, staring at her, playing with her for nearly two hours. Then:

"Oh my god! Jess! Are you okay? Is Rowen okay? Oh my god baby.." Robbie rushes in with a flurry of words. When I see him, my mood lights up totally, and its as if little lights have gone on behind my eyes. 

"Robbie! I'm fine, well, apart from the whole broken bones thing." I manage to smile for the first time since the accident. "Rowen's fine. I protected her." 

"Oh baby. I was so worried! Don't do that to me ever again, 'kay?" He sits down on the bed and stares straight into my eyes. 

"I won't. I love you." I say seriously. 

"And I you." He says, and then he kisses me, folding his arms around both me and Rowen. Our foreheads touching, I let out an internal sigh of happiness. The people I love are here again, and I couldn't be happier. But then, an embarrassed/annoyed snort from Zach snapped me back to reality. 

What the hell was I going to say to Robbie? How was I going to justify just tumbling willy-nilly down the stairs? I could say I was having a fight with Zach, which is the truth, but what would I tell him of what we were arguing about? 

Oh god, what am I going to do? 

The End

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