Never stopMature

I can't stop crying. "Babe, calm down. Seriously, this isn't a bad thing"

"Yes, it is!" I snap as I dress. "Just leave me alone, Zach. I shouldn't of said I love you cause now I HATE YOU!" Zach stares at me shock as I scream those last few words.

"But.... last night..."

"Shouldn't of happened and Oh My God! I'm glad this time we remember protection. All I hope is that Robbie can forgive me" I tell him strongly. Zach just watches as I storm out and doesn't move until I reach the stairs.

"Jess! Wait!" Zach yells chasing after me and Rowen whose bundled in my arms which is when everything goes wrong. Zach grabs my wrist trying to spin me round but I yank it out of his grip... Which is when I fall, tumbling down the stairs. I protect Rowen all the way down but when I reach the bottom.... thwack. I smell blood... I taste blood and I hear Rowen screams of sadness and confusion. Then Zach's shouting.

"JESS!" He yells. Suddenly Rowen is out of my arms and in what I can see is Zach's fathers and then I'm in Zach's. "Call an ambulance" Zach snaps at his dad who reacts instantly. Then I blackout.

The next thing I see is the face of the paramedic and Zach. I pull my hand out of his in anger and the paramedic notices telling him to sit away which he does with pain clear on his face.

Oh, Robbie..... look what happens when you're not here? You're my glue, my link to sanity and life. I need you... "R-robbie" I choke out. More pain flashes across Zach's face a moment before I pass out. "Rowen..."

The End

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