To Love or Not to LoveMature

I almost raced out of there. I blundled Rowen back into my arms quickly. "Jess, don't go. Look, I'm sorry. I... when I broke up with you I realise I made a mistake but you didn't even try to call me so I thought you hated me. Then the next thing I heard is you were with another guy" Zach protests as I rush out of his room heading towards the stairs.

"Just... Just leave me alone" I snap, tears beginning to fall from my eyes and down my cheeks. I try to open the door but Zach puts a hand to it keeping it shut. "Zach, move.... please" I look up at him with my tearful expression and pain flashes through his eyes.

"I want to spend time with Rowen though-" he begins whispering.

"Fine!" I cut in pressing her into his arms. "Bring her back round in two hours" I turn to leave but Zach still holds it closed. I look at him.

"... And you" he finishes.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Zach. I.... We're over. I'm sorry" his face falls, broken completely. His hand falls also from holding the door shut and I escape. "Two hours" I call back to remind him. I leave him there while I run home. I ignore my mother and father's confused looks and rush to my room. Where I fall on my bed and cry my heart out. Oh, Zach.... why now?

The End

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