Homeward boundMature

When it was time to go home Robbie was out and that left me waiting at the door with Zach. Of course all the stuff that me and Robbie had bought he'd brought over the other day. "That guy really loves you doesn't he?" Zach whispers as I tickle Rowen.

"Yes and I love him just as much" I say standing up. I see Zach's smile faulter as he looks away. "What's wrong Zach?"

"Nothing" he grumbles which is when Robbie's car pulls up. He jumps out and race to me pulling me into his arms and spinning me around. It makes me giggles but a twang of pain shoots through me which makes him put me down. I also notice that Zach's face still remains on the boundary between happy and sad as he looks at me.

"What happened?" I ask Robbie.

"I've got the job" Robbie says happily. About a few months ago Robbie finished his training to be a doctor and soon tried for a job in Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Thats brilliant" I congratulate slightly sad at the thought of him going so far.

"I know but.... this is the best part. I've been offered a house as well which means you and Rowen can come with me" Robbie says almost mumbling in excitement. My heart soars and a smile breaks out across my face which is also when Zach's face completely turns to hurt.

"Could I do that?"

"Not till you're eighteen but thats only a few months away. I'm hoping while I go up that Zach will look after you"

"Of course" Zach mumbles.

I stare at Robbie slightly sad. "You'll be leaving"

He nods grimly. "But we'll only be apart for about one and a half months till you can move up"

Yes, this was a dream. To finally have a home to go to where I'll be able to raise a family but the distance and the time till I could get there was saddening. Wait... also, what about Zach, how was he going to see Rowan? And why was he so sad when I said I loved Robbie?

The End

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