Rowen Abigale.Mature

I looked down at Rowen, then at my two favorite guys in the world. 

"All my favorite people in the same room... My dream come true..." I say, a little sleepily. The nurses say I might be in hospital for a couple of weeks, since little Ro-Ro was two weeks early, and they need to put her in intensive care. Even as I look down at her she has a little tube up her nose, for putting food into her stomach. It makes my heart ache to look at. I'll just be happy when we can get home safely. 

"Babe, you want me to take her? You look a little sleepy." Robbie says, and at the same time, Zach says: "Jess, let me take her, you need rest." They shoot each other death-glares. If looks could kill...  There is an awkward silence that lasts a few minutes, then-

Little Rowen makes a gurgling sound, opening her perfect blue eyes and staring right at me. Tears well in my eyes, and both Robbie and Zach are at my side in seconds, bombarding me.

"Are you okay, babe?" 

"Jess, what's up?"

"Oh my god, you haven't got postpartum depression have you?" 

"Shit, whats that?"

"GUYS!" I yell. "I'm fine. She's just... so perfect. She's going to bring all of us together, I can tell." Tears are in my eyes again. 

"She already has." Robbie says, and Zach smiles nervously. 

"Truce?" Zach asks. 

"Truce." Robbie smiles, and they shake hands over the bed. 

The End

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