I don't reach the park. My water breaks at some point on my way along the sidewalk. Luckily, Zach didn't make it their either. He found me driving past and we went straight to the hospital. I didn't registar most of the trip. All I remember is screaming, sweating, taking deep breaths and mumbling Robbie's name.

When we got to the hospital we were rushed in with Zach left behind with my phone. I heard a sort of scentence saying he was going to call Robbie. I only hope he would turn up.

The pain.... was unberable. I wanted Robbie here. I needed him here. Zach gripped my hand saying to be calm and take deep breaths. I nodded with tears falling down my cheeks not from pain but sadness.

Soon.... I gave birth. It was apparantly four hours but it felt like moments and all the pain was gone the moment I looked into my baby girl's eyes. Zach looked proud as well and gave us both a hug then kissed the baby's head. "I'm going to get a cup of tea. Want anything?"

"Brownie please" I whisper.

"Have you got a name?"

"No, not yet"

Then just as Zach about to leave... Robbie arrives. He leans in the doorway. Zach stands and moves out. "Excuse me" he says to Robbie who moves out of the way. He looks angry, confused and sad, so many emotions. I look up at him calmly.

"Want to come and at least see her?"

"Its a her?" he says slowly walking over. I nod silently as he sits down looking at the babies face. "Beautiful" he whisper so quietly.

"I wasn't lying to you"

"I know"

"You do?"

"Zach yelled it at me till it sunk in. I'm still mad though"

"Why, if you know the truth?"

"You didn't talk to me first" he says gripping my cupped hand. I look at him then break down in tears. Its then Zach arrives back. I look at him an smile leaning into Robbie.

"I have a name now"

"What is it?" Zach asks.

"Rowen Abigale" I say.

"Abigale.... like my sister?"

"Yep and Rowen which is close to Robbie"

Robbie smiles and Zach comes over with open arms. I place Rowen into them and Zach holds her perfectly. "Rowen.... it works"

The End

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