A Reappearance, and a Disappearance.Mature

The rest of my pregnancy seems to have flown by. I spend all my time with Robbie, only going home to sleep, and sometimes not even doing that. I get fatter and fatter by the day, and I have horrid stretch marks on my stomach, until Robbie buys me a cream that gets rid of them. Before I know it, I am just two weeks from my due date. This is it. I have to speak to Zach, in case this baby decides to make an early entrance. 

I hit the dial button and hold my breath. It rings. Once. Twice. Three times. Then:

"Hello?" Zach's oh-so familiar voice comes from the phone. 

"Um, hey, Zach, its me." I say, quietly. 

"Me?" My heart sinks. He really did delete my number. 

"The mother of your child... Jess?" I say, holding back a sigh. 

"Oh. What do you want? I thought you had a new boyfriend now?" He says, snappily. 

"I do. But... I just thought, you might want to be around for the birth of your child. You might not be a very prominent figure in his or her life, but.. I thought you might at least want to be their when he or she comes into this world." I say, slowly.

"Jess.." I hear his voice break. "Jess, I.. I'd love to. I... Can we.. be friends? I want to be a part of this kid's life... I thought I'd messed up my chance at that.." 

"Oh, Zach, of course you can!" I say, smiling. "Meet me at the park in half an hour. We need to talk, okay?" 

"Okay. See you then.. B- Jess." He almost slips. Almost calls me my old pet name. But he doesn't. I hang up the phone, and find Robbie looking at me, a towel around his waist, his hair wet, fresh from the shower I thought would protect me from his prying... ears? His expression is somewhat hurt, confused and a little angry. 

"Baby! Its not what you think..." I say quickly, going to him and slipping my arms about his waist. But he pushes me off. 

"You.. you still talk to Zach? Have you been lying to me this whole time? Pretending to have broken up with him to get with another guy? Trying to have two guys at once?" He spits, angrily. Tears well in my eyes. 

"You know thats not true! You KNOW! I love you. I just want my baby's father to be a part of it's life!" I sob, my arms wrapped around my middle. 

"Well if you want him in it's life, you obviously don't want, or need,  me in it. Get out, Jess." He says in a low voice. Tears are in his eyes, but he wipes them away with an angry fist. My tears are flowing freely now as I grab my stuff and leave.  

"Why? Why won't you let me explain?" I sob as I walk away slowly. But he just points at the door. I run out, my heart ripping into six pieces, once again. How could he do this to me? Why couldn't I have two special guys in my life? 

The End

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