No! Yes!Mature

"No" I say storming off.

"Yes" Robbie says chasing after me.

"No!" I snap.

"Yes!" He insists pulling me into his arms. "Come on, Jess. The baby will love it" I sigh heavily looking away.

"I-I don't want to waste money" I mumble blushing and looking at the floor. Robbie tilts up my face and kisses me sweetly. I kiss back yet not as lovely as him.

"I'm offering" Robbie whispers.

"Okay" I whisper back feeling dizzy and light headed. Robbie smiles and takes my hand pulling me back into the shop.

Why am I letting him do this? I mean so much happened so quickly. I'm even living with him now. Not like my parents have noticed or care. I even tried to tell them but they ignored me. Oh shit, I'm gonna cry. I wipe my eyes with my sleeve and luckily Robbie doesn't notice.

When he does he pulls me into a hug and I just break down completely.

The End

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