So NotMature

I sit on the sofa feeling like a caged animal. My eyes darted everywhere but eventually came back to my feet. Robbie was in the kitchen doing.... whatever a guy does in the kitchen. Curiousity hit me and I began to walk slowly through the house. I mean I want to know more about this guy.

The first door I open leads to the bedroom. Its actually very neat compared to the living room. I began to pace the floor my eyes scanning every inch. Suddenly I freeze staring at the tip of a condom box. I blush and look away. I mean I shouldn't be so stupid. He's a guy and he's over 18 so why am I so shocked he has condoms in his room. He must have had a lot of girlfriends. I open the wardrobe and scan through the shirts. I giggle at a few which have funny slogans.

"Jess?" Robbie's head pops into the bedroom. He blushes. "Uh, what you doing in here I haven't had any time to-"

"Hide everything?" I asks with a giggle. "I've seen the box" Robbie jumps and races round to the bed kicking the box under further along with another box. "What's that?" I ask.

"Um, nothing you should uh.... see at your age" Robbie says with a cough. "The food's here"

I smile and begin to head out of the room. I feel a warm arm grip my wrist and spin me round. Suddenly, Robbie holds me as close as possible with my bulgging belly. "Please don't misunderstand the secrecy" he mutters. I shake my head.

"I understand. I mean you are older than me" I say with a shrug.

"I'm 19"


"Well, yeah" Robbie mumbles. I giggle and kiss his cheek.

"Food's getting cold" I say before slipping out of his arms and moving back to the living room. The food is placed on the coffee table with two heated plates. A beer and a coke. "I think this will be the nicest meal I've had in 5 months"

"A take out?" Robbie questions. I nod with a bright smile at him.

The End

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