I didn't speak at all with Zach after that. I found myself waking up every night tears down my face. My dad was ignoring me and my mother only spoke to me when she had to. I felt so alone. Completely alone.

I found myself in a park watching kids run around giggling and screaming. Would I be watching my child in the park like that some day?

"Hey" I jumped and looked up at a handsome face. "Can I sit here?" he asks gesturing at the seat next to me.

"Oh, yeah.... sure" I mumble pulling my bag out of the way and shuffling a bit more over. I dropped my bag to between my feet. One hand held the edge of the bench and the other rested on my tummy.

"Kids are great aren't they?" the guy next to me said turning and smiling at me. "I'm Robbie"

"Jess" I whispered looking at the kids in the park. "Yeah, I'll have one of my own soon"

"You're pregnant?" I nod smiling and putting both hands on my tummy. I felt so relax around this man. Why was it so easy to talk to him? "Well, congrats"

"Thank you" I whisper. Tears spring to my eyes. "I don't know how I'm gonna deal with it all on my own"

"Won't the father help?"

"We broke up"


"They hate me now"

"Well, thats uncaring..... I could help. I work for a clinic just outside this park" Robbie says pulling out his card and handing it to me.

"You're a nurse?" I giggle.

"Yeah, I'm training to be a doctor but I just haven't got there yet" he says, scratching the back of his head nervously with a small laugh.

"It's nice to have someone finally offer to help" I whisper looking at my feet. "I've been so alone. My friends don't understand, neither does my family and now I've lost the one person I thought I could count on"

I feel a supporting arm round my shoulders and a hand rubbing my arm soothingly. I look at Robbir and he smiles. "Wanna go to the clinic now? I'm sure they could give you a few things to help for the moment"

I nod and stand up. Robbie offers his arm like a gentleman and I take it following him along the path.

The End

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