"Uh, hi babe." He said when he opened the door to find me standing on his doorstep. He was wearing nothing but his boxers, and in any other situation I would have found him incredibly sexy. "Its.. kinda late.. What are you doing here? Is there something wrong?" Yes, it was late. Past midnight in fact. But the baby had woken me and I had decided I could put this off no longer. It had been two days since I had spoken to the strange girl on the phone, two days since Zach had cheated on me. 

"Yeah." I said, stepping inside the house. "Yeah there is something wrong. YOU." 

"W-what?" He stammered, his eyes wide with shock. 

"Don't act all innocent. I know what you did on monday night." 

"Wh-what? How did you find out?" 

"I called that night, missing you, and a girl answered. Said you were sleeping. And advised me to dump you when I said I was your girlfriend, since you had just cheated on me with her. WHO WAS SHE?" I ended up yelling, pounding his chest with my fists. "Why? Why do it? Am I not good enough for you? Not pretty enough? Is my being pregnant that much of a turn-off for you?" I broke into tears, sobbing and rhythmically pounding his chest. To my surprise he didn't try to stop me. He took each blow without moving. 

"Jess. I-I'm really sorry, and I didn't want it to be like this but.. I-I just don't... Feel for you in that way any more. I-I'm ending it." 

Surprisingly, my tears dried as he said those words. I was sad, yes. Totally alone, yes. But at least I had closure. No more worrying about what I was going to do. No more tears. 

Well kid, I thought to myself as I left, holding my stomach, It's just me and you now... 

The End

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