I lay in my bed silent. The dark was heavy around me as was the silence. I missed Zach.... god, I always missed Zach. I sat up and began to pace the floor of my room. Where was he? He said he'd pop over and he had a key.

I began to bite the nails of my fingers and forced myself to stop instantly. I grabbed my phone off the side table and did the one thing I said I wouldn't. I called Zach's number. It tookk three rings.

"Hello?" The voice was foreign to my ears and..... female.

"Um, hi.... Is Zach there?" I ask my voice shaky. The girl clicks her tongue and sighs before answering.

"Yeah, but he can't really talk right now" the girls says.

"Um, well, if you wake him I'm sure he'll be fine with it. Just say it's Jess"

"I don't think he'd appreciate it"

"I'm his girlfriend. Now, wake him up please"

"Girlfriend?" Her voice it shocked and suddenly trembling. I hear a soft mumble of 'bastard' and find my self frowning.

"Look, Jess, I'd dump this guy. God, he just cheated on you with me" I don't hear the rest of her words cause the phone has slipped from my fingers and tumbled onto the floor. I can only see part of it and I watch as the call ends and the screen goes blank. Zach's.... Zach's cheated on me..... with another girl.

A loud sob excapes my lips and I drop to the floor one hand on my now clear lump. I don't know how long I cry but I know its long enough for me to eventually drift of to sleep.

The End

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