We both stared, motionless, at the screen as the nurse showed us our baby. The nurse smiled as, speechless, I reached for Zach's hand and clasped it tightly in my own. Our baby was so tiny, so vulnerable, and that made me even more eager to protect it.

"I love him already!" I breathed, at last. 

"Or her," Zach reminded me. 

"I love our baby, whether it's a him or a her!" I said, smiling for what felt like the first time in weeks. 

"Your baby is due sometime in February. You have plenty of time to prepare yourselves. And it won't be long before you can find out the gender!" The Nurse added, with a grin. 

The baby had been conceived on our first time, just as I suspected, that night in may. Now, ten weeks later, it was the summer holidays, and both Zach and I were thanking God that we had both opted to take a gap year between Uni and college. We were only a little disappointed that our plans to travel the world had been hijacked. 

As Zach and I left the hospital, hand in hand, the pictures of our baby safely inside my bag, I couldn't help but allow myself a little grin. If I had Zach and he had me, maybe this pregnancy wouldn't be all bad.. 

The End

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