I felt furious and frustrated. I stood at the window tapping my foot and looked out the window. I was waiting and hoping that Zach wouldn't be late. God, its the first screening of our child and he isn't going to be here. I feel a tear slip down my cheek and wipe it away. My mother walks in and I notice the look of disgust that flashes over her face. I roll my eyes and look away again, out the window. "He's here!" I call happily and grab my bag off the table dashing out of the house.

I throw my arms round Zach's neck as I reach him at the car. "You're here. I thought you wouldn't make it and my mum would have to take me"

"Of course, not babe. I'd never be late. Well, I was almost but, seriously, I wasn't trying to be. I had a fight with my dad..... he says that having this child is scentencing it to a life of filth" I can almost hear Zach grind his teeth and pull away shock flashing over my face.

"Y-you're father said that?" I choke out. Zach nods then shakes his head opening the car door.

"Forget about it. We need to get going" I slump into the car seat and dump my bag down by my feet but I can't get the words out of my head. Am I really doing the right thing?

Both of our parents are against it.....

The End

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