I stare at the object in my hand. "No.... no, no, no, NO!" I repeated, by the end I was screaming and shaking my head back and forth as tears spilled down my cheeks. I couldn't be. I just couldn't. I dropped the test and stood up pullin up my shirt to reveal the small bump.

I couldn't deny it no longer.... I was pregnant and it was Zach's child. I felt terified. I mean, how the hell could I tell my parent?!? In fact, how the hell could I tell, Zach?!? He was a great guy but he was in no way ready to be a farther like I was ready to be a mother maybe even less possibly. I let go of my shirt and began to sob into my hands.

Then, there was a knock on the door. "Honey, please hurry up" my mother called through the door. I panicked. I grabbed the test off the floor and found the wrapper shoving both into the depths of my jean pocket. I open the door and stepped out. My mother smiled at me, "thanks, honey" she said before entering the bathroom and closing the door. I was so scared I felt empty and I stumbled to my room where I locked the door before falling onto my bed. I lie on my back staring up at the cream coloured ceiling.

"What am I gonna do?" I mumble feeling the threat of tears arise. Suddenly my phone begins to buzz in my pocket. I pull it out and don't check the caller id before I answer.

"Hello?" I sniffle.

"Babe, hey" Zach voice echoed out of the phone and I froze. "You sound rough something wrong?"

I sit up wiping my eyes. "No" I mumble.

"Good, right. Remember, you're coming over tonight. Seriously, please don't abandon me to the horrific presence of my snobby cousins" he says, a hint of begging to his voice. I can't help but giggle.

"Of course I'll be there" I say.

"Good. Pick you up at eight. Love you"

"I love you too" I whisper and he hangs up. I press my hand clenching the phone down into the bed and let the other rub my stomach. "Oh please, please, let him understand. Please let him want to keep it"

The End

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