When two love-struck teens go all the way, they realise that a lot more than just pleasure can come from one night of fun...

I stare into his black eyes, trying to find the meaning behind their bottomless pits. His coal black curls are wind-tousled, and his tanned skin luminescent in the half-light of the darkened room. 

Am I really ready for this? I ask myself. I love him. That I know for sure. But am I really ready to go.. all the way? Yes, we've been together over a year now, and both of us are over sixteen, in fact, he is seventeen, but.. I still can't help but to have doubts.

Then, he cups my face in his hand, turning it up to face his. He leans down and brushes my lips with his. I kiss him back fiercely, all my doubts out of the door. I wrap my arms tightly around his neck and kiss him harder and harder. Without warning, his hands are on my waist, lifting me, and instinctively I wrap my legs around his waist and carry on kissing. His hand slides up my shirt, the other remaining firmly around my waist. 

Before I know it, my shirt is on the floor next to his feet, and his fingertips are tracing the line of my cleavage. He kisses me harder, his desire visibly growing. I pull his shirt off, and he slides off my skirt. I reach down and unbutton his jeans, letting them fall to the ground. He steps out of them, and toward the bed. He reaches up and fumbles with my bra strap for a moment before undoing it and throwing it to the floor. Now his hand touches my breast, tracing circles around my nipple, rubbing and pushing. 

He lays me on the bed, and then climbs on top. We make out heavily, me moaning ever so softly as he rubs harder and harder. Then his hand slips down my belly and lingers above my panties. I kiss him passionately, urging him on. I feel the warmth of his hand as it slides into my panties, as he fingers me gently. I cannot bite back the moans of pleasure that surface as he does so. Then my panties are being thrown across the floor and I feel something warm and wet on my crotch as he licks me out, making me moan even louder. 

I let my hand feel down his body and slip into his boxers, and I rub his penis. This time it is him letting out the moans of pure pleasure. As he comes, I quickly withdraw my hand. He pulls off his boxers and they join the rest of our clothes on the floor. 

Suddenly, he is on top of me, his hands cupping my breasts, kissing me fiercely as he penetrates me. I let out a gasp of pain, and feel blood gush onto the clean, white bed sheets. The second time he penetrates me it hurts much less. This time I gasp with pleasure, barely holding back the screams as he humps and grinds, moaning quietly. 

Soon he is flopped beside me, grinning. 

"I love you!" He exclaims, his grin turning into a sincere stare. 

"I love you too.." I whisper back, totally meaning it. 

Then, far too late, I realise we haven't used a condom. And I'm certainly not on the pill.. 

Shit... Could I get pregnant? 

The End

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