Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Looking back and forth between the two, Mohinder swallowed quietly. His fingers returned Claire’s movements, but holding onto her hand a bit tighter. Logically, he was the physically strongest here and shouldn’t have had anything to worry about, but this was way more complicated than that. Somehow he managed to keep his breathing stable as the side of his mouth forced a tiny smile.

One could hear a pin drop.

The silence was finally broken by William’s voice, causing Mohinder’s brows to furrow for a moment before releasing that tension in an exhale that bordered on a quiet laugh. Shoulders fell as he allowed himself to fall back into the couch cushion. Cheesy? He could live with that, and gave Claire a glance, curious about how she was taking her brother’s words.

Once the word granted was uttered, for a split second, Mohinder thought he was out of the fire, but there was still the frying pan to go. Perhaps they should keep the rest of the facts to themselves for a little bit? Just as he was about to thank William for his approval, his dear sweet Claire mentioned blackmail. Eyes widened as he paused to watch their interactions. Yes, this was something Mohinder would have to get used to, not having even met his own sister. He would never get the chance to blackmail a sibling.

“Thank you. It is an honor,” Mohinder replied, returning the gesture and giving William a confident handshake. That wasn’t so tough. But that was also the easy part. How would one go about making such a sharp turn in conversation though? Oh by the way, you’re going to be an uncle soon, William. No, no, definitely not the casual approach. About now, Mohinder was having second thoughts about revealing anything else, at least that evening.

“I do believe the food might be ready,” he added after a brief sniff of the air. “Claire, would you care to join me in preparing the table?” A genuine smile was given, but once they were out of earshot of William, he would relay his concerns to her such as, Perhaps we should wait on revealing anything else? and I’ve just found myself in his good graces, I do not want to ruin that quite yet. Does he carry a concealed weapon, by the way?

The End

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