Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Yes, just as with attempting to cure Maya in the past, he’d allowed his heart to override his common sense and used himself as the guinea pig, knowing that he’d never be able to forgive himself if anything had happened to Claire. Plus, looking at the current situation, William would probably have killed him anyway, so might as well take his chances with the serum first.

Now in the present, Mohinder’s attempt to gloss over those three important words was failing. There was nothing but silence and William’s gaze filling up the room, and it was almost suffocating. With held breath, Mohinder swallowed but not dared to move. He’d seen the American movies where the brother was so overprotective of his sister that the next thing you knew, all her love interests were chopped up into little pieces…

But Mohinder was a hero. He had nothing to hide besides his lizard/spider phase, and even that was done for the greater good. The only people that suffered then were the wife beater and the drug dealer. They had it coming. They only had themselves to blame. So now, after William spoke, Mohinder found himself straightening his back and clearing his throat before finally returning the determination in her brother’s eyes. Just as he had opened his mouth to speak, Claire’s voice filled the room. Thank the gods.

Mohinder returned her grin and scooted over beside her to take her other, ringless hand into his. A brave move, but the truth was out now… And surely he wouldn’t throw a punch with his sister so close. Hopefully the diamond would prove that Mohinder was serious about all this. “Yes, sir. I assure you this is all true. I love Claire with every beat of my heart. This was not planned, but a wonderful surprise. Sir, if you would allow it, I would love nothing more than to ensure your sister is happy for the rest of her life.” Fingers intertwined with hers as he sighed. “I may have cured her, but she has repaired my heart in return.”

And there it was. Mohinder held his breath again, eyes focused on William, begging for understanding. The geneticist could understand his position though, as he would be the same way about Molly springing this situation onto him. Mohinder couldn’t blame him.

The End

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