Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

“Well, you’ve managed to achieve an admirable fusion,” William acknowledged, gesturing around the apartment once more. Certainly not the decorations or color scheme he would’ve chosen for himself, but then again, he was not Indian. There was a hint of nervousness in the doctor still as he explained, and William could not blame him. He’d spend a lifetime cultivating his demeanor, and he was the larger of the two of them, if Mohinder was the sort of man where that mattered. “And I’m glad my sister has told you the tales of her dashing sibling,” he added with a chuckle, winking at Claire. She rolled her eyes and took a seat at the opposite end of the couch from Mohinder, hands folded delicately in her lap.

It wasn’t usual for Claire to be so…demure, reserved. It roused William’s suspicion, but before he could form any sort of conclusions, Mohinder began answering the question he’d almost forgotten he’d asked.

As Mohinder let out his explanation, Claire found herself listening  from the mindset of her brother. This strange scientist claimed to have the ability to cure his sister, but his product was unreliable enough that he had to test it on himself? …he tested it on himself? Just as that thought crossed her mind, William raised one brow briefly, wearing the same expression of doubt she’d imagined. It seemed time apart hadn’t changed their ability to get into one another’s heads. She wondered how long it would be before he was able to sense the other shoe they would be dropping.

Mohinder removed that stray thought from her mind as he simply blurted it out instead. It was enough to make Claire forget the fact that he’d tested the serum on himself first.

Seizing on the three word stumble, William’s eyes narrowed and he leaned forward, somehow able to loom over them while sitting. His silence was a presence in and of itself, filling the space between them and lapping over their tableau to encompass the whole room. Claire could hear her own heartbeat in her ears. William let them stew in it for at least a full minute, expression unchanging, before he looked first to Mohinder and, finally, Claire.


It was all he needed to say. Though it’d been a long time since Claire had been afraid of her brother, she had a healthy respect for his anger, which she could tell was brewing beneath the surface. She closed her eyes briefly and let out a quick breath. “Mohinder has finally freed me from my blood curse,” she began, accentuating the positive, “do not forget that. It is the single most important thing that has happened to me, and it is all because of his efforts. And he’s not wrong, brother. He loves me.” Pausing, Claire let that fact sink in before plowing ahead.

“And I him. It…had not been intentional, but…” Claire looked to Mohinder and allowed herself a small grin. “But it is. And we plan to keep it that way.” Sticking her left hand out for her brother to see, Claire briefly waggled her fingers so the light would catch the diamond. William glanced down, carefully maintaining the same still expression. This was turned on Mohinder.

He was content to simply stare again before finally opening his mouth. “Is this true?”

The End

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